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Build your own UV exposure box with fluorescent like lamps

Ever wondered having your own UV exposure box in your lab but couldn't get one because of the high cost? Don't kill your dreams so easy. Now you can make your own UV exposure box and print your own printed circuits boards in your home. In this article we will find out how to construct the appropriate box and the required electronics inside it. This is a basic guide and not a super detailed guide. Many easy to understand thinks are missing. Don't loose more time, let's start with the specifications.


Photo from the prototype



Height : 33,7 cm
Width : 49 cm
Depth : 27cm
Max pcb dimensions: 45 x 26,5 cm
Total: 44,5 Lt
Effective : 28,8 Lt






Number of lamps: 4
BL15T8, F15BLB-T8 or BLB15T8
Philips G15T8
Wattage: 14,7W
Lamp Current: 0,3 ± 0,03 A
Lamp Voltage: 56V
Tube Length: 436 ± 1,3 mm
Tube Diameter: 25,5 ± 1,2 mm
Base: G13
Spectral Peak: 253,7 nm (UCV)
UV output: 4,8W
UV microwatts: 49 uW/cm² (at 1m)
Average life: 8000 hrs
Ballast: F15T8, G15T8
Glow Starter: FG1P (JIS)

  Minutes 0-99, seconds 0-59
15 settable start counts
Led Display to set and see the remaining exposure time
Controlled with 3 push buttons
Average exposure time: 2-3 min
Average Cost: 100 Euro

ATTENTION! Do not use UVC lamps which emit hazardous radiation and is no good for exposing PCBs. Use UVA lamps which emit safe wavelengths and are good for exposing PCBs. The tubes should either look like normal tubes or be dark blue/violet when unlit (not transparent).

Also check the conversation about this project at the community. Post you questions here.

1. Box construction - Parts >>>



120x90 spot



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