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  2. yuaanlie

    i need a PCBA mamufacturer

    Hello dear, If you are looking for PCBA manufacturer then I will suggest you once visit the site A few months ago one of my friends takes the service for his shop here, which specializes in and guarantees prompt delivery of fast-turnaround PCB and PCB assemblies. Thanks & Regards, Yuaan Liie
  3. Hello dear, Nice information about PCBA Manufacturer. Manufacturing circuit boards is a process that takes time and is not considered a "simple thing" to do. Although there are enthusiasts who are able to make their own boards at home with the right materials, they usually tend to be not as complex as machine made ones. Also, it would be pretty time consuming to hand make 20,000 PCBs. PCB Assembly, which is also known as Printed Circuit Board Assembly is when you solder electronic components to a PCB or printed circuit board. A circuit board that has not yet been assembled with the electronic components are called PCB or Printed Circuit board and once the boards have soldered components on them, they are technically referred to as Printed Circuit Assembly or Printed Circuit Board Assembly. Thanks & Regards, Yuaan Liie
  4. Hello dear, Multilayer PCB is as the name implies, that is PCB boards with more than two layers, for example, four layers, six layers, eight layers, etc. Since it is double-sided multiple, then they have many common features with double layers PCB: more than two layers conductive traces, separated by insulating material between the layers, and the layer between the conductive traces must be connected through drilling, lamination as required. The advantage of multilayer circuit boards is with multi-layer conductive wire, high-density drilling, the volume will be relatively small and the weight is relatively light accordingly. Thanks & Regards, Yuaan Liie
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  6. phpinterview1991

    Add new PHP Interview questions and answers.

    I have a website where I provide interview questions and answers to freshers and experienced any field. Now I want to add some more questions here questions should be very popular. Please suggest me this kind of interview questions and answers. Regards Sunil Kumar ------------------------------------------------------------ php interview questions , php interview questions and answers
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  8. KrisDong


    PCBGOGO are mainly in PCB prototype and assembly manufacturing services for over 10 years.Not only get coupons for free, but also freight reduction activities.5 US dollars to provide 10 PCB boards.You can click here to receive coupons for free and checkout their website.
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  10. alishiasergi

    High volt power supply

    The output of the high voltage power supply is provided to the customer via an appropriately rated high voltage cable. Smaller, economical units utilize a permanently attached high voltage fly wire, while larger units use a detachable shielded coaxial high voltage cable. 2nd wedding anniversary wishes for husband
  11. A Gerber file is a file that contains information that guides the production of a PCB. As you might have observed, a Gerber file format is simply a de facto standard that defines 2D binary images using open ASCII vector format. Modern Gerber files may also include metadata (data about other constituting data within a file) like solder mask, legend/silk, number of copper layers among other relevant printing information.
  12. There are many PCB prototype manufacturers in China. OurPCB provides PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly services. There are ten solder mask colors to choose, and I prefer matt blue, the main is that no fee is charged.
  13. repairman2be

    0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    @chauat Hi there, why don't you just build your design and then share your experience with us. Cheers, Repairman
  14. repairman2be

    0-30V Stabilized Power Supply

    @Shuhrat I read your post, but your PCB and schematic do not add up. I don't see your 5 MJ11032, D11, C7 etc. in your schematic. Do you have any photos of your actual build? If you have something useful to post and share, please make sure you post everything not just bits of a puzzle. Cheers, Repairman
  15. audioguru

    0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    Lots of people made pcb designs for this modified circuit. I did not use one and I did not look at them. Sorry, I also did not look at yours.
  16. chauat

    0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    hi all, i have design pcb. what do you think ?
  17. peter g

    lcm3 c/esr meter

    the project was titled ADVANCED LC METER.
  18. peter g

    lcm3 c/esr meter

    hi, awhile ago I successful built the lcm3 meter(the one published on this blog). there are sybols that appear when you measure a electrolytic capacitor. one symbol is an M followed by a numeral. another is SZ followed by a number. another that looks like an S. another, is a box that has varying amounts of fillage. can someone explain what these symbols mean? thanks.
  19. Hi Friends I am new to rs485 communication i want to know how to create rs485 modbus protocol using given register value for accessing information that is read data and write data i have baud rate is 115200 data is 7, parity even stop bit is 1 and register address is for reading data register address is D174 for write data register address is M605 and M72 slave id is 3A Please guide me to create Rs485 Modbus protocol using the above register value
  20. I often get PCB boards from PCBGOGO ( and now they are make a big discount for the new resigners. For new resigners they can choose a board whatever they want it will free. Only need pay the logitic. I am so sad i can't because i am not a new resigner. So i wanna share it to u,yes ur lucky to see this comment.
  21. MALVERN, Pa., Oct. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) introduced four new 100 V and 120 V TMBS® Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers that provide up to 20 mV lower forward voltage than previous-generation devices. The Vishay General Semiconductors V30100CI, V30120CI, V40100CI, and V40120CI offer current ratings of 30 A and 40 A in the TO-220AB package. With their low forward voltage drop down to 0.36 V at 5 A, the rectifiers released today reduce power losses and improve efficiency in high frequency DC/DC converters, switching power supplies, freewheeling and OR-ing diodes, and reverse battery protection. The devices are ideal for 65 W USB Type-C power delivery for notebook computers and mobile devices. The new rectifier is RoHS compliant, halogen-free and has a maximum operating junction temperature of up to +150 °C. Its TO-220AB package can withstand solder bath temperatures up to 275 °C as specified by JESD 22-B106 for 10 seconds. The four product models and applications of MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers are basically the same. You can refer to the datasheet. I will list the description of V30100CI. The information of V30100CI Dual High Voltage Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Rectifier Ultra Low VF = 0.43 V at IF = 5 A FEATURES • Trench MOS Schottky technology • Low forward voltage drop, low power losses • High efficiency operation • Solder bath temperature 275 °C maximum, 10 s,per JESD 22-B106 TYPICAL APPLICATIONS For use in high frequency converters, switching power supplies, freewheeling diodes, OR-ing diode, DC/DC converters, and reverse battery protection V30120CI datasheet V30120CI datasheet Learn more Technologies about Vishay Semiconductors
  22. peterk

    Burnt Resistor

    Hi all. This is an induction charger for a small torch. It blew its guts out, the only component that I can't identify is the emitter resistor value. Can someone work out an aproximate value please?
  23. In this project, a complete design and development procedure of a digital thermometer has been discussed. The algorithm used in this design is simple and easy to understand. The components used are limited and readily available in the market. Although the overall development of this project is lowcost and easy still the results are extraordinary. Let’s see how this design works. Arduino and LM35 based digital thermometers can be developed at home with very few components and instruments needed. Arduino UNO used in this design is a microcontroller which is responsible for data handling and processing for temperature calculation and display. Arduino UNO has digital I/O and Analog pins. In this case, we are using both. The next component is LM35 which is a temperature sensor and looks more like a simple BJT. LM35 is cheap as compared to most of the temperature sensors and yet offers a high level of accuracy even at extreme temperatures. LM35 can be used in both analog circuits and embedded systems since it offers analog voltages at the output. The circuit diagram described in this simulation video is simple and can be easily modified if needed. Click For Full Project Detail Simulation Video Testing Video Click for Coding and full project detail .
  24. willis

    Parts suppliers

    here you can find the electronic parts you want,newark and arrow can supply,but their quantity is large I think find a distributor is good idea,they can promise the quality
  25. The new Magnetic Sensor Programmer (MSP) V1.0 replaces APB 1.5, forming a complete line of programming tools for Micronas products. What is the benefits · Suitable for HAL 18xy, HAL/R 24xy, HAL 28xy and HAL/R/C 37xy series products. · MSP V1.0 can drive high voltages and operate the latest generation of sensors with PSI5 outputs. TDK Corporation has expanded its programming tool chain, and the Magnetic Sensor Programmer (MSP) V1.0 makes it easy to program a wide range of Micronas products. MSP V1.0 replaces APB 1.5 and other existing programming tools, which combine USB-Programming Kit V1.01 and HAL APB V5.1. This programmer is especially suitable for development labs. TDK now has three tools to support all Micronas programmable sensors. MSP is suitable for all products of HAL 18xy, HAL/R 24xy, HAL 28xy, HAL/R/C 37xy, and the angle sensor products to be launched next. These products are primarily used in position detection and angle measurement applications in automobiles, such as throttle valves, accelerator pedals, EGR valves, neutral detection, gearbox gear sensors, folding lights, and steering wheel angle applications. In addition, in the field of industrial electronics, programmable linear sensors HAL 18xy and HAL 24xy are used for current measurement, joysticks, rocker switches, and various extended position measurement requirements. To optimize the system performance of the above applications, a single sensor needs to be programmed. To this end, TDK provides the corresponding hardware and software. Compared to its predecessor, MSP is able to drive higher currents and operate the latest Micronas sensors with PSI5 output. With its RS-232 or USB interface, MSP can be easily connected to a single computer. TDK provides specialized software to support the command interface for communicating with a computer. Support for specific computer software for engineering or development purposes. Programmable Hall sensors have special software to provide a graphical user interface based on LabViewTM. Customers who currently use APB 1.5 can easily switch to MSP because they are compatible with previous software. This simple programming approach provides customers with improved productivity and optimized sensor performance.
  26. Mileage costs incurred for your Uber business are also subject to taxation. Whether you are in charge of your own Uber business as an Uber driver or you are managing a fleet of vehicles, you will be amazed at just how useful a mileage tracker can be. The mileage apps provided in this list cover everything from accurate journey coverage to ensuring you fair tax deductibles. Mileage tracker


    Visit this link for more information -


  27. admin

    To Sasi and all experts!

    Welcome back ELECTROMAGIX, much has changed since your post above. Feel free to share any details about this interesting charger.
  28. Hello. After the uncle there were many analog items that I sell at the auction. You bid 350 pieces from 1 $ because the value of the part is not big, so I sell as a whole.
  29. Capacitor is present on board, forgot to draw in the plan.... …. Scrooj, that's my neopixel controller board, I made board first schema very recently. happy to meet you still alive … after six years... this site seems deserted, only the old people like you still dedicating time to educate people....and the people are running behind digital and IOT apps without the knowledge of fundamental electronics. Ha !!
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