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  3. Amazing! Thank you so much for your help. If none of these work out I think we'll go the route of prototyping with a company.
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  5. I used: bluetooth camera for iphone also see: https://techpp.com/2013/04/17/bluetooth-cameras-connect-smartphone/
  6. Thank you, Harry! This indeed might be a bit too big. May I ask how you found this camera? Any specific google keywords or any other sites?
  7. Perhaps? To big? " This Fujifilm FinePix digital camera has Bluetooth connectivity for wireless media transfer. " https://www.bestbuy.com/site/fujifilm-finepix-xp130-16-4-megapixel-digital-camera-sky-blue/6204739.p?skuId=6204739
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  9. Hi Everyone! I need a bit of help with my project. I need to have/implement an external mini/body camera which I can control with my iPhone app using bluetooth. The bluetooth is a necessity because our users will not have a WiFi connection. The iPhone app will need to initiate the camera to take a few photos and send them back to the iPhone app for analysis. I've searched far and wide for an existing camera with a bluetooth API, however any that provide bluetooth access only provide functions to get characteristics of the camera or turn on WiFi using bluetooth. I'm not able to find a mini camera with full bluetooth access to take and retrieve an image. Any help in this area is greatly appreciated!
  10. There are so many electronic components like. 1-Resistor. 2-Capacitor. 3-Diode. 4-Transistor. 5-Integrated Circuit (IC) 6-Relay. 7-Inductor. 8-Crystal. I need this electronic component so I could not find any component. After a few days, my friend told me about GREATPCB.
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  12. Sorry, I do not have time to modify this power supply for you.
  13. I did not understand friend, I'm very lay. Could you tell me a schematic and a pcb that works correctly with 0-15v 0-3A please? placa-lado-componentes3-696x412.bmp You ask me if this works well if it's correct.
  14. Sine you need a maximum output of only 15V and since most ordinary opamps have a maximum supply voltage of 36V then use an 18V transformer and the -5.6V negative supply as in the original project. The BD139 driver transistor and two 2N3055 output transistors in the latest version of this project should be used and the value of the resistor in series with the voltage calibration trimmer must be increased to set the maximum output to +15V.
  15. I'm prescising this same setup but with a regulated output of 0-15v 0-3A for cell phone concerts someone help me please because I'm a beginner in electronics and here where I live I do not have TLE2141 and MC34071 since many thanks to those who can help me
  16. I know there's a million different sped controls out there but I can't seem to find one that 1)works 2) looks good. Project - I need a temperature-based variable speed control via pwm to control cooling from a compressor. The compressor is powered/controlled by a driver board that has 3 inputs for speed control... the only one free is the pwm and its rated at 0-5v, 1-10khz. So, basically a frequency generator that auto adjusts based on temperature. Referring to the attached pic, analog 0-5v control is being used by a wired remote rheostat, the 50k ohm pot is connected and set to the lowest level I can get without the compressor stopping. Since the highest value of any of the 3 inputs get priority, this will keep the compressor running even if the other 2 inputs are 0/off. Now Ive tried using an AC Infinity temp fan control (pic for reference and style i'm going for) and stepped it's voltage down from 6.3v to 4.5v through a regulator, but apparently it's not within the right frequency or I'm too dumb to figure it out... higher probability the later is correct. It'd be really awesome to have a small 3" TFT control/display with temp, setpoint, up/down, and of course - my logo... that can be produced by the hundreds and won't break the bank account. I've tried communicating with a couple companies over seas with not much luck. So can anyone point me in the right direction as where to go, what to buy for the chillers im producing? Thanks in advance!
  17. Thank you for the answer, it helped so much.
  18. Hi there, These capacitors are filter ones and need to be placed in various spots on the board, near voltage inputs, outputs, IC power pins and other place, so they filter the noise on the Vcc line across the board, so that's why they are many and connected on main voltage. 1n5422 diodes (Schottky diode 40V 2A) are used to protect the ICs from reverse input voltage on their Vin pins, as they allow current to flow in one direction. You can use any Schottky diode with same characteristics. Welcome to our community, Mike
  19. Hello there, i intend to use this project for my homework, but there are some things that i don't understand. I am a little amateur about board design and stuff, so pls don't judge me In the schematic, there are so much capacitors connected to VCC (a lot of VCC's) and i don't understand why. Aren't they all going to be paralleled? And of course which VCC is which and which capacitor belongs to which VCC pin? Please enlighten me about these. Also, in the regulator section, there are 1n5422 diodes, but i can't find these diodes in my country. Is there any equivalent for that? The link for the project: http://www.electronics-lab.com/project/40-28-pin-pic-development-board/ Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad english.
  20. If you do not need SMD perhaps "The LT138A/LT338A (LM138/LM338) series of adjustable regulators provide 5A output current over an output voltage range of 1.2V to 32V." The LM338 is about 1$ each on ebay.
  21. I have a project which required 3.3v (170mA), 5v (1.2A), 12V (not sure yet). For the 3.3v I am going to use an AMS1117-3.3 which is more then enough so this is not an issue. I have 2 questions mainly as follows: I want to use 8x of these stepper motors driven by 8x DRV8825 and I am not sure if the specifications are correct but could it be 50mA each totaling 400mA @ 12v? I have a couple of AMS1117-5 as well and since they are a max of 1A, can I chain these? if not what do you recommend?
  22. As a student I built this circuit in 1982 from a circuit diagram I found in an electronic magazine at the time. Built it as a dual supply unit with analog panel meters, modified a small bit to incorporate different reference resistors to o offer current ranges to 100ma, 1A and 3A with an SCR added for current cut-out option. Has been using up till now (more than 30 years) on my workbench. Still think it's an excellent power supply. I will now re-build and construct it more professionally. So glad I found the circuit again and the upgrades on this forum.
  23. Search on ebay for "personal alarm switch" most do not have a switch just a pin you pull out. I used one to find the blockage in a drain pipe. They are LOUD!
  24. I think this old circuit should be kissed goodbye and be buried.
  25. Does anyone have the PCB and the latest data please
  26. Alguém tem o PCB e os dados mais recente por favor Does anyone have the PCB and the latest data please
  27. Aokane

    LED panel .

    So the green boxes are where the Leds are then its connect along pink and then opposite side light blue lines. Seems to light up on the diagonal? (Bottom left leg + top right leg - ) It's a bit confusing .
  28. audioguru

    LED panel .

    I cannot see which connects to what. Can you provide a schematic?
  29. Hi Guys, Hope someone can help, i need a battery operated gameshow buzzer, (out of time) quite loud, not like the little round things you can get on ebay, would anyone know who could build one for me? Many thanks sam
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