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  2. Audio Amplifier This is circuit diagram of powerful audio amplifier. This circuit is given by Emmanuel. In this circuit one ic 4558 and 4 Power transistors are used with some discrete components. Use 20v-to 60v for operating this circuit. This is a single channel audio amplifier circuit. Use capacitor of minimum 50v value. Positive supply voltage is given at the middle pin of both transistor TIP41C and D718. Negative supply is given at middle terminal of D688and TI42C Transistor. R1 is the variable resistor potentiometer for volume control. This vol. control may be value of 50k to 100k. Use Big size speaker with this circuit. 4558 Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram. Homemade powerful Amplifier
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  5. Hey guys, I'm for Plunify, an FPGA EDA company. We recently made this website called AI Lab that lets you run Vivado on the cloud. So you can run this anytime, anywhere, on any machine with a browser. For the fun of it, we ran this on a Chromebook. Check out this video There are more details in our blog if you are interested. Due to the volume caching/latency, starting Vivado for the first time is kinda slow, but once it has started, it is pretty lag-free (if you are in the US). This is just one of the various cloud-based workflow. Please let us know your feedback and your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey fellas, I am from an FPGA EDA company called Plunify. Do you know that you can now run full licensed Vivado on the cloud? You can simply use 1 hour of license and server on the cloud, and shut it down when you are done. We made this website (AI Lab) where you can launch a cloud server and work on it anytime, anywhere, with just a browser. Due to the volume caching/latency, starting Vivado for the first time is kinda slow, but once it has started, it is pretty lag-free. Check out this video of a Chromebook running Vivado Or read our blog for more details. This is just one of the various cloud-based workflow. Please let us know your feedback and your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  7. This is an Automatic submersible Motor controller circuit using transistor • The Main Advantage Of this Project Is To All Three LEDs Are Glowing One by One. Only One LED is Glowing At One Level And Other Two Are in Off state. Click here for full detail For more circuits go to
  8. Minna Zhou

    Where to buy PCB Designs

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  9. Minna Zhou

    How to find electronic parts?

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    PCB manufactureres

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  13. Gerber data is the industry standard format for providing data to PCBA manufacturers, fab houses, etc. when dealing with printed circuit boards.I got my first instruction doc. from ALLPCB last year. After further review,I would like to share some useful doc. to you . the "Gerber Format - EN" section for the Gerber File Format Specification PDFThey also have a free online gerber viewer if you don't mind uploading your data.
  14. Megaci

    3 PCBs for 1$ until Sept21!

    Seeed now offering three boards for $1.00. To take advantage of the offer, simply enter the order from the dedicated page of their website.
  15. SheritaGreen456

    High volt power supply

    A high voltage control supply is a mind-boggling power change circuit that changes over a lower voltage potential to a higher voltage potential the term high voltage is relatively not quantitative but rather once voltages are over 62Vdc the likelihood for real damage are available so suitable wellbeing estimates must be utilized. Hailey Rhode Baldwin Jacket
  16. soldertools1

    Power supply

    The AC's power consumption depends on its star rating. Every 1 ton of cooling power (commonly known as heat removed by a 1 ton AC in one hour) is also expressed as 3516 watts. Hence 1.0 ton AC will be rated at at-least 3516 Watts A 1 Ton AC of 5-star rating consumes around 1000 to 1050 watts of power per hour, working at full capacity. A unit of power is termed as one KW and is 1000 watts. If the AC is installed for the domestic bedroom, it consumes up to 65% of the rated power input, in general.
  17. Algot

    0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    Now, finally, I have been able to understand the function of Q1 and resistors R13 and R14. I'm doing tests on a Prontoboard, and during the power-off, the output voltage goes to the maximum when the transistor Q1 is removed from the circuit. Thank you very much for your new explanations, I had not been able to understand them in the past.
  18. audioguru

    0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    The original old Greek kit used TL081 opamps that have a problem called "Opamp Phase Inversion" where the output goes positively as high as it can if an input voltage gets within a few volts from its negative supply voltage. The improved project used newer opamps that do not have this problem. When the power supply is turned off then the huge positive filter capacitor for the rectifiers takes time to discharge but the low current negative supply capacitor discharges quickly. Then the output of this power supply project will have opamp U2 to force the output of the project to go positively as high as it can which will probably destroy whatever you were powering with it. The resistors on the base of Q1 detect that the negative supply voltage is dropping and causes it to conduct and short the output of opamp U2 to 0V so that it cannot cause the output of the power supply to go positively as high as it can. The circuit does not have a huge high current diode at its output to block a negative high current at its output from damaging it. A huge high current diode might be too slow to protect against damage.
  19. Algot

    0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    Gentlemen, I know I have a specific topic for the improved project, but I'm still trying to understand some things in the original project. I can not understand the operation of transistor Q1 in the circuit. It has been said here in the forum that this transistor works as a protection system, could someone explain to me how this works? Does the power supply need no protection fuse in the output? How does it protect itself in the case of a simple polarity change, for example: a battery being connected with the polarities exchanged in the output with the whole circuit without power in its entrance? Or even if it is powered, but with the polarities of a load on its output inverted? That is, is she going to protect herself against dodgems like me? Thank you again, Algot.
  20. Algot

    0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    I understood your explanations and I already know what I did wrong. Thank you very much.
  21. Annaaa


    A triode is a control element that is mainly used to control the magnitude of the current. Taking the common emitter connection as an example (signal from the base input, from the collector output, the emitter is grounded), when the base voltage UB has a slight change When the base current IB also has a small change, the collector current IC will have a large change under the control of the base current IB. The larger the base current IB, the larger the collector current IC. Conversely, the smaller the base current, the smaller the collector current, that is, the base current controls the change in collector current. However, the change in collector current is much larger than the change in the base current, which is the amplification of the triode. The ratio of the amount of change in IC to the amount of change in IB is called the amplification factor β of the triode (β = ΔIC / ΔIB, Δ represents the amount of change.), the amplification factor β of the triode is generally tens to hundreds of times. When the triode amplifies the signal, it must first enter the conduction state, that is, to establish a suitable static working point, also called the offset, otherwise the distortion will be amplified. A resistor is connected between the collector of the triode and the power supply to convert the current into a voltage amplification: when the base voltage UB increases, the IB becomes larger, the IC also becomes larger, and the voltage drop of the IC at the collector resistance RC is also increased. Large, so the collector voltage UC of the triode will decrease, and the higher the UB, the lower the UC, ΔUC=ΔUB. Is there any other role?
  22. I often hear these two seemingly high-tech terms "transistors" and "chips", but what is embarrassing is that they are not always clear about what they are, what role they play, and in which areas and equipment will they be used? Thank you very much. . I don't understand these terms in English articles. So I don't understand too much. I have to work hard. I want to know some basic introductions that are simple and easy to understand. Thank you.
  23. Using a single color red LED: A CD4017 powered from 9V can output 16mA into a 2V red LED on each output which is enough to burn out its output transistors. Use 150 ohm series current-limiting resistors to share the heat.
  24. 17 LED Sequencer/Flasher Circuit using 2 Counter ic 4017 Dual colour led flasher circuit For more circuit go to
  25. GJM0335C1HR20WB01E ALLICDATA ELECTRONICS LIMITED Our company is a professional distributor of electronic components. With many years of supporting experience, we enjoy a good reputation in the industry with authentic supply and reliable quality. We are committed to the spirit of “doing our best and do our best”. High quality products and excellent service. With high-quality product enterprise concept, with long-term standardized management to enhance the company's market competitiveness, with strong strength, quality service and corporate background based on the forefront of the industry, established a good corporate environment. Main: high-precision resistors and low resistance values of various integrated circuits (ICs), three-terminal regulators, FETs, power transistors, diodes, KAMAYA, VIKING, VISHAY, YAGEO, AVX, KEMET, IR, VISHAY, ROHM Resistance, thermistor, GJM0335C1HR20WB01E,varistor, capacitor, etc. NS, ST, VISHAY, FAIRCHILD's two triodes. Specification Description:CAP CER 0.2PF 50V C0G/NP0 0201 Detailed Description:0.2pF 50V Ceramic Capacitor C0G, NP0 0201 (0603 Metric) 0.024" L x 0.012" W (0.60mm x 0.30mm) Categories:Capacitors Ceramic Capacitors Series:GJM Packaging:Tape & Reel (TR) Part Status:Active Capacitance:0.2pF Tolerance:±0.05pF Voltage - Rated:50V Temperature Coefficient:C0G, NP0 Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C Features:High Q, Low Loss Ratings:- Applications:RF, Microwave, High Frequency Failure Rate:- Mounting Type:Surface Mount, MLCC Package / :0201 (0603 Metric) Size / Dimension:0.024" L x 0.012" W (0.60mm x 0.30mm) Height - Seated (Max):- Thickness (Max):0.013" (0.33mm) Lead Spacing:- Lead Style:- For more information, please go to Google Search Allicdata Semiconductor Limited.
  26. audioguru

    FM Transmitter

    The frequency of FM broadcasting is high enough so that the signals go straight and far if there is nothing blocking them. But the curvature of the earth blocks distant reception. Of course the range depends on the transmitting power and direction, and the sensitivity and direction of the receiver. My FM transmitter circuit produces about 0.28W into a 75 ohms 80cm whip antenna. Its range is 2km across a large river valley to a very sensitive home stereo tuner or car radio, down the street to a cheap Sony Walkman radio, and across the street to a cheap clock radio. The tx and rx antennas must be parallel to get these ranges. There is an FM radio station about 50km away from me with its antenna mounted on a small mountain. They get complaints of poor reception due to hills that block their signal.
  27. Annaaa

    FM Transmitter

    What is the general power range of FM radio transmitters?
  28. detonatorinf

    0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    Sorry. I was aware of the pullup resistor. I will stop from here and stay with the standard project. I will stick with the lm311 and a lm35 for cooling the heatsink. Once again, thank you for your help and patience, audioguru.
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