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  3. I tried a PCB prototype service previously called wellpcb and was happy with the cost and lead time.
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  6. Hi, I'm fairly new to microcontrollers and have read multiple guides, although still asking the question. I have used Arduino for quite a long time and have developed some product concept. I am only 14 years old though. I am currently developing a wearable project, therefore size, weight, and battery are huge constraints. My project will include; Touch OLED, Gyro, IR LED and receiver. As I have used Arduino, I am quite familiar with the Arduino offset of C++. It will be appreciated if the MCU has example codes/ others have used similar components. Could you please help me on both; hardware and software. Thankyou in advance.
  7. Ill limit you with the boring details, but I have an electronic device that I can attach to my bike tire and it produces power and in return it can apply resistance to my wheel to simulate a steep hill or I must produce a certain number of watts. Its a great tool for training.... I heard a pop and then took apart the unit to find a burned spot on the PCB. I later found the fried SMD melted to the inside of the plastic housing. Looking at everything, I found a part number for the replacement resistor and I plan on ordering that first. Ive never had to solder or mess with SMD parts before so I need advice on what to do, and what not to do. Im sure this was caused by an over-voltage, but Im extremely green, so if anyone can tell me what I should be checking out in addition to the resistor it would be greatly appreciated. Finally, what should I do about the hug burn on the PCB? Replacing the PCB is more than I have to spend, so I have to repair it. Recap: I burned a resistor off the pcb, I want to repair it, what else should be checked, how do I clean the huge burn? Click this image to show the full-size ve
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  11. If you just need one or two pcb boars, is your first choice.If you need small volume, is your first choice,now as low as $5.and you can also apply sponsorship if you are hobbyist.Attachment is the black pcb from pcbway.
  12. As a hobbyist,I learned so much from here and thanks very much for everyone. As pcbway manager,here is a good news I think will help hobbyist. In order to express our gratitude and help electronic hobbyist save cost,now we build a page to sponsor electronic hobbyist's pcb project (up to $100 coupon to your account),you can get the details from our sponsorship page.If you have any questions and suggestions,please reply to me here. The sponsorship link is here, (If this link break the rule,please tell to me and I will delete it,thanks Administrator)
  13. Study of very small electronic components design and manufacture is known as Microelectronics. It consists of inductors, capacitors, resistors, transistors, conductors, and IC's . I am quite interested in microelectronics, especially in printed circuit board. I expect some help with reference from my guest in this forum.
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  15. SSI Electronics does a number of heavy industrial and medical keypads. I used to work for 3M Medical for years and they were a top rate supplier for us. Price competitive as well.
  16. IPC is a networking organization, advocacy arm and not for profit repository of electronics industry standards. It provides a variety of networking events where industry leaders, technocrats and business people involved in the electronics industry can meet, learn and share ideas. In addition, the organization gathers and organizes industry standards with respect to materials, processes, and inspection having to do with the assembly, testing, and sourcing for the electronics industry. Also, these IPC certification programs are important to maintaining the integrity and consistency of the build quality of electronic assemblies across a variety of industries and applications.
  17. This topic is to clarify the specs of T1 transformer used in T1 is a Standard EMI/RFI Transformer for electromagnetic noise, any 15/16mm transformer with 1mH inductance will work. This transformer is used to reduce EMI/RFI noise and doesn't provide isolation from mains voltage. I am attaching here the datasheet of the transformer. pmcu.pdf
  18. We will help you if you build or design a circuit that does not work properly. But it sounds like you want somebody to design a circuit for you. Somebody might do it.
  19. The colors of capacitors describe the types of capacitors. The color used to identify the components or parts on the circuit board. The round blue colored balls with dots indicate that its a capacitor. Same as other colors are used for other components.
  20. need to build a timer with seconds interval repeat timer for sports application. need it to be large like 15 inch display. or wall clock size. example i should be able to set 30 secs 3 times 45 sec 2 times 60 sec 2 times with 20 sec break. both visual and audio notification needed. Anyone ?
  21. The Chelsea Austin TX - Welcome to The Chelsea, Austin’s most unique urban apartment community with the perfect blend of location, style, and affordability coming together in the desirable Triangle District, just steps from fine shops, dining, and your favorite lifestyle providers.

  22. I’m designing a hand-held device for a client, and I’m in need of a membrane switch keypad. One of the requirements is that the keypad be manufactured to withstand moisture. Do you know any companies who specialize in very tough keypads for rigorous environments?
  23. Harvest Business Advisors creates opportunity and builds value for business owners and their trusted advisors by providing Business Valuations, Succession Transaction Planning, and Business Brokerage Services.


  24. when you enter you go to new project then you go to name and write the name of your project then click on next ,select create a schematic from the selected template then you choose one, "me i prefer the default one "then you click on next .the same thing you choose create a PCB layout from the selected template then next and finally finish .after that you select me i work with ISIS so as you like you select one of them.then you go to library then pick parts from library and you write in the keywords what component you want," for example resistors" you click on resistors written in the category icon then you go to sub-category you choose one, and finally you chosse from results what you need and you click on ok and now your components are ready for using .if you have any problem i'm here to help you.
  25. I use WellPCB quite a bit. They aren't the cheapest, but the quality is superb, they may offer features and service you might need. If it's only a single board or two I tend to make them myself.
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  27. The etching is a subtractive method used for the production of printed circuit boards. The etching process is very effective for small workshops. There is relatively small amount of hardware is required in photo etching process. An etched circuit board is the most accurate way to build a Circuit.
  28. I am using Raspberry Pi 3 in my project. My project requirements are to turn on and off Multiple LED's Via Voice. If a user says LED ON, it should turn on the light and vice versa. Can anyone suggest me how to setup Raspberry PI 3 for this purpose. It would be great help if tutorials are shared.
  29. @Jeremy You may have 2 PCB's for AU$5 plus shipping in an envelope. Two boards weigh about 44grams. Email me if you would like some to: Cheere, William PS. Seems your Kit has a problem to start with. Before I found this Forum I ordered two Banggood Kits. It is still not assembled and probably never will be. Anyway, over at this page there is a lengthy description on how to improve the Banggood kit. ""
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