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    Parts suppliers

    here you can find the electronic parts you want,newark and arrow can supply,but their quantity is large I think find a distributor is good idea,they can promise the quality
  3. The new Magnetic Sensor Programmer (MSP) V1.0 replaces APB 1.5, forming a complete line of programming tools for Micronas products. What is the benefits · Suitable for HAL 18xy, HAL/R 24xy, HAL 28xy and HAL/R/C 37xy series products. · MSP V1.0 can drive high voltages and operate the latest generation of sensors with PSI5 outputs. TDK Corporation has expanded its programming tool chain, and the Magnetic Sensor Programmer (MSP) V1.0 makes it easy to program a wide range of Micronas products. MSP V1.0 replaces APB 1.5 and other existing programming tools, which combine USB-Programming Kit V1.01 and HAL APB V5.1. This programmer is especially suitable for development labs. TDK now has three tools to support all Micronas programmable sensors. MSP is suitable for all products of HAL 18xy, HAL/R 24xy, HAL 28xy, HAL/R/C 37xy, and the angle sensor products to be launched next. These products are primarily used in position detection and angle measurement applications in automobiles, such as throttle valves, accelerator pedals, EGR valves, neutral detection, gearbox gear sensors, folding lights, and steering wheel angle applications. In addition, in the field of industrial electronics, programmable linear sensors HAL 18xy and HAL 24xy are used for current measurement, joysticks, rocker switches, and various extended position measurement requirements. To optimize the system performance of the above applications, a single sensor needs to be programmed. To this end, TDK provides the corresponding hardware and software. Compared to its predecessor, MSP is able to drive higher currents and operate the latest Micronas sensors with PSI5 output. With its RS-232 or USB interface, MSP can be easily connected to a single computer. TDK provides specialized software to support the command interface for communicating with a computer. Support for specific computer software for engineering or development purposes. Programmable Hall sensors have special software to provide a graphical user interface based on LabViewTM. Customers who currently use APB 1.5 can easily switch to MSP because they are compatible with previous software. This simple programming approach provides customers with improved productivity and optimized sensor performance.
  4. This nixie-clock uses 12 tubes from PCBGOGO, which will show/alternate date and time. Tubes are mounted on separate boards, using slot connectors. Most components are SMD.
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  7. Mileage costs incurred for your Uber business are also subject to taxation. Whether you are in charge of your own Uber business as an Uber driver or you are managing a fleet of vehicles, you will be amazed at just how useful a mileage tracker can be. The mileage apps provided in this list cover everything from accurate journey coverage to ensuring you fair tax deductibles. Mileage tracker


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    To Sasi and all experts!

    Welcome back ELECTROMAGIX, much has changed since your post above. Feel free to share any details about this interesting charger.
  10. Hello. After the uncle there were many analog items that I sell at the auction. You bid 350 pieces from 1 $ because the value of the part is not big, so I sell as a whole.
  11. Capacitor is present on board, forgot to draw in the plan.... …. Scrooj, that's my neopixel controller board, I made board first schema very recently. happy to meet you still alive … after six years... this site seems deserted, only the old people like you still dedicating time to educate people....and the people are running behind digital and IOT apps without the knowledge of fundamental electronics. Ha !!
  12. The output of the voltage regulator and positive supply for the LM386 and Arduino all need a capacitor to ground to prevent oscillations.
  13. That transistor itself is not required, LM386 will amplify mic input while 386 in high gain mode (1and 8 connected with capacitor).

    Transformer and LM317 Question

    I am back.... ha..ha ….

    To Sasi and all experts!

    I am back after 12 years...… I am still using this circuit every day...…. if interested I will share all the details !
  16. I am looking for any missing parameters …. all comments are welcome !
  17. Hello guys, im a 17yo student that loves electronics and i started working on custom tv-b-gone based on arduino version with rechargeable battery and i needed pcbs for it. Firstly i ordered pcbs(on the left) that were $3 PER PIECE and then i found out for JLCPCB. They have amazing offer of 10pcs 10x10cm pcbs for $2!! I could fit 6 tv-b-gone boards on one 10x10cm pcb and multiply that by 10 and you get 60 pcbs for $2!!! When i first ordered i tough that its just a low quality board but when i received them in 2 weeks (which is really fast) i was SURPRISED by QUALITY for that LOW PRICE. First there was no shorts between any of the tracks. My design has really tight traces and they came out perfectly! Silk screen is also really good and vias are covered fully which gives boards nicer look. Panel by JLCPCB really made my job easier and it is also good, VCut is perfect, you just can snap the boards with hands and sand the sharp edges. They also make solder paste stencils which are helpful with pcbs with 95% of smd components and its also cheap, only $7 for big stainless steel stencil! Ordering is really simple. Go to and upload your gerber files in zip or rar format (there is also tutorial how to export gerber). If you want panel select "Yes" for "Panel By JLCPCB" and enter how many boards you want in a row and column. Im just really surprised by quality and looks of the pcbs. If you are interested in the project here are some video clips and soon there will be clip of assembling one with board from jlcpcb.
  18. You talk about adding a resistor to make the transistor amplify but it reduces the signal and you do not say the value of the resistor. Of course it will not amplify if the resistor value is calculated wrong. What value did you use for the added collector resistor? The inverter was completely wrong but my corrections with the Mosfets is also completely wrong because both conduct at the same time. The original circuit will produce a low output power with the PNP shown as an emitter-follower without the NPN transistor working. Most simple inverters use a CD4047 IC instead of a 555 IC. The CD4047 has two outputs that have opposite polarities to drive the same kind of transistor on each output. The transistors are used as switches instead of as emitter-followers. An inverter uses a voltage sensor and negative feedback for voltage regulation. Didn't you look at the datasheet of the LM386 that says its minimum allowed supply is 4V to 5V, not 3V? Maybe you are lucky to find one that works at 3V but its output power will be extremely low. Here is a simple inverter with a CD4047 oscillator and Mosfets:
  19. You are right Sir But i also surprised to this circuit works without that resistor which you connect here. This is tested on breadboard with and without this resistor When i connect that that resistor then the output goes very low and circuit is less sensitive I also tested this circuit with 3-6v I never want to place any circuit with wrong information ----------------------------------------------------- This Inverter circuit is given from a trusted youtube channel on the robotics. He is showing in video on breadboard using this circuit. As name this is a simple inverter, so how this can powerful and regulated ???? Output Power is Also Depend on Transformer Ampere. In text also advised to use minimum of 1 A Transformer, not only 1 A Your corrected circuit is correct but my circuit is not wrong. One BD140 PNP transistor was also connected as here on that video.
  20. Here is another Circuitspedia circuit that has serious errors. Also, its text says to use a 3V to 6V supply but the datasheet for its LM386 says that its minimum supply is 4V or 5V.
  21.  This circuit is 100% working. This is simplified diagram

    No Any Direct Supply given on ic , Resistor is used

    volume control connection is right. Check again

    Which inverter circuit is wrong, tell me . 

    I will modify if any wrong  

  22. 100% working This diagram was given by one user that used already this circuit at home by implement from This diagram. No Direct supply given on ic. capacitor may only one issue Which inverter circuit is wrong , please tell me , I will checked and modifiy This diagram is given by one user that used already this project at home by implement from This diagram. Which inverter circuit is wrong , please tell me , I will check and modify
  23. The circuit shown is a block diagram, not a schematic. The inputs and outputs of the opamps are not shown and the collectors, emitters and bases of the transistors are not shown. An important capacitor between the positive and negative power supply pins of the IC is missing. Diodes or a transistor to bias the output transistors into class-AB is also missing then there is severe crossover distortion. The volume control is wired backwards and shorts the signal source. The transistors are not connected as a Darlington, they are simply paralleled, why? Hey, the amplifier has no specifications about its output power or distortion, the impedance of the speaker is also missing. The datasheet for the RC4558 by Texas Instruments recommends a maximum supply of plus and minus 15V then why does this circuit have supply voltages that are twice too high? With a plus and minus 15V supply, the maximum output voltage swing of the opamps is plus and minus 12.5V and the output transistors reduce the amplifier output to plus and minus 11V which is 7.8V RMS. Then the output power is only 7.6W into 8 ohms or about 13.7W into 4 ohms. I made a proper schematic of this nightmare of an audio amplifier showing everything wrong with it: EDIT: The same website Circuitspedia has an inverter circuit that is also completely wrong.
  24. 4558 ic Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram This is circuit diagram of powerful audio amplifier. This circuit is given by Emmanuel. In this circuit one ic 4558 and 4 Power transistors are used with some discrete components. Use 20v-to 60v for operating this circuit. This is a single channel audio amplifier circuit. Use capacitor of minimum 50v value. Positive supply voltage is given at the middle pin of both transistor TIP41C and D718. Negative supply is given at middle terminal of D688and TI42C Transistor. R1 is the variable resistor potentiometer for volume control. This vol. control may be value of 50k to 100k. Use Big size speaker with this circuit. 4558 Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram. In image of assembled kit there is no 5w resistor connected 100% Working for more Amplifier circuit click here
  25. Hey guys, I'm for Plunify, an FPGA EDA company. We recently made this website called AI Lab that lets you run Vivado on the cloud. So you can run this anytime, anywhere, on any machine with a browser. For the fun of it, we ran this on a Chromebook. Check out this video There are more details in our blog if you are interested. Due to the volume caching/latency, starting Vivado for the first time is kinda slow, but once it has started, it is pretty lag-free (if you are in the US). This is just one of the various cloud-based workflow. Please let us know your feedback and your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  26. Hey fellas, I am from an FPGA EDA company called Plunify. Do you know that you can now run full licensed Vivado on the cloud? You can simply use 1 hour of license and server on the cloud, and shut it down when you are done. We made this website (AI Lab) where you can launch a cloud server and work on it anytime, anywhere, with just a browser. Due to the volume caching/latency, starting Vivado for the first time is kinda slow, but once it has started, it is pretty lag-free. Check out this video of a Chromebook running Vivado Or read our blog for more details. This is just one of the various cloud-based workflow. Please let us know your feedback and your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
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