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  4. We will need more info, so we are able to help.
  5. how to design a battery jack for unknow phones

    Your " unknown phone " is unknown to us also. One photo is worth a thousand words, two photos are worth two thousand words, etc
  6. hey guys I have bught an unknown phone and now it's battery has been destroyed and I can't find another battery for it please help me to make a battery jack for it and if there is another way please help me thanks
  7. Hi and welcome to our forum, I would like to let you know that we have featured your campaign to our blog: Hope you like it. Best Regards
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  9. Hi,I have created a isolated version of the common USB - UART converter for programming the Arduino mini.It have all the communication pins isolated: DTR, TX, RX and also CTS.This little board can be very useful if you are working on some projects and worrying to damage a USB port because of ground loop or a short circuit with the main power supply.Here our campain: also made a short video:!
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  11. Does this cheap PCB service have a quality supports?

    Just like KAraen said I also heard about elecrow but never use.
  12. The data must be about the requirements and needs of the people in middle east (our target areas will be Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman). What do they look for when they buy home technology-- is it price, function, quality etc Write My Paper
  13. Bed Bug Exterminator Richmond IN
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  14. I need an advocate

    Hi I urgently need people to advocate to have made my wind up clock to charge my devices to keep my electronics working The only way to keep my electronics operating is with a wind up clock Here is the device It is a hand crank dynamo phone charger on a wind up clock with a self winding mechanism. It is the only way to keep my devices powered everywhere I am prepared to pay if you will be an advocate I need several hundreds of these to keep my research going Please advocate for this to be made I paid endless clock makers and no one would make the device I need your help Please advocate to have a wind up clock to charge batteries made I can pay for your advocacy It is the only way to keep my electronics operating 24 hours a day please respond to ( I saw it said notify and I didn't hit the button)
  15. Not able to understand the concept of raised condition

    Raised condition as in what? What is it? Related to the electronic industry?
  16. High volt power supply

    It is okay to use a power supply with the same voltage but greater current capacity. It is not okay to use a power supply with the same current capacity but higher voltage. Write My Essay
  17. New Proteus Libraries for Engineering Students

    You have an extremely helpful channel for students on YouTube.
  18. New Proteus Libraries for Engineering Students

    Thanks for the resources!!! I am currently working on the project "Electronic circuits of information collection and processing systems". The topic is very interesting, since I need to investigate the development of the linearizer of the first sensor with smooth and piecewise-linear approximation. It is also necessary to determine the value of the DC component extraction device from the signal of the second sensor. In addition to your recommended resources, I also used the service, which helped me with the theoretical part of my work of developing an analog-to-digital converter. Using the information of this site I was able to summarize the results of my research. You have an extremely helpful channel for students on YouTube. You have an extremely helpful channel for students on YouTube.
  19. I really liked this blog about electronics. They tell all information in detail and share good ideas
  20. New Proteus Libraries for Engineering Students

    Economic Calculations and Policy Formation is a useful book that helps me in my studies. Thank you for sharing your resources!
  21. Introduction

    I am professional assignment writer in OZ Assignment help in Australia. ____________________________________ Best perdisco assignment help in Australia
  22. 0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    Thank you. I will choose this project in that case.
  23. 0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    The Chinese power supply uses relays to switch the transformer voltage into voltage ranges so that the output transistor does not get too hot. I do not know if any parts are overloaded and I do not know how good or bad is its regulation. Its LM741 opamps were designed 50 years ago (!).
  24. 0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    I found this. Since the same model number is shared by other 4 brands. I can't tell if the actual hardware still true to the schematic.
  25. 0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    Your photo of a no-name-brand Chinese power supply does not show any specifications and does not show its schematic and parts list. The photo shows its 30VDC output when its current is zero. The defective Greek kit and Chinese copies do that but cannot produce 30VDC at 3A. Instead they produce about 25VDC with a lot of ripple at 2.5A and the parts are burning.
  26. 0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    I'm referring about this model.
  27. 0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    This project has been copied and is available for a very low price on ebay, Banggood and Amazon. But it has all the problems of the original kit from Greece. Many parts are overloaded and fail soon. It does not produce 30VDC at 3A. It looks like the Chinese people who copied it never made it and never tested it.
  28. 0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    For months I've been reading threads about this project to get some confidence boost in building my own. But at first, my plan was to buy one of these cheap chinese power supplies that provides 30v at 5Amps. My question is about the stability of those chinese power supplys compared to this project. Would be better to invest time building this project or go the easy route?
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