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    In PCBWay, the boards are good quality and pricing is great while OSH Park is an aggregator. They collect your board files and panelize them with others to get a good price. And in case of Smart-Prototyping, especially their PCBA services. Their service is very affordable.
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    0-30V 0-3A Latest Data

    Hi all, Finally after some months have gone by, my build of the Power Supply is done. I have used liquibyte schematic Rev. 8 and had made the cirquit board according to the Gerber.zip file he posted here: 0-30V Stabilized Power Supply Page 88 posted October 6, 2014 "http://electronics-lab.com/community/index.php?/topic/29563-0-30v-stabilized-power-supply/&page=88" I left out D10 and R15 as per his description. I have plenty of boards leftover if someone has a need for it. There was only one mistake liquibyte made which have outlined in one of the pictures uploaded here. I was fortunate enough to get a big case with a Toroidal transformer from the scrapyard. Also many parts are recycled from various sources. Regards, William
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    I just wanted to share how I solved a problem with burning the bootloader to some new Atmega328P chips I bought from Digikey. I've been having no problem burning sketches to ATtiny84 chips, but was confused on why I kept getting no response from the 328Ps. Double checked the wiring a dozen times. Finally found this excellent web page, with helpful step by step instructions and useful arduino programs, including a self-contained boot loader . The trouble was the fuses had been set to require an external clock, which I fixed, as instructed, by using a clock signal from pin 9. In case anyone else has this trouble.
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    Gould 1421

    Yeah... Me too, me too... I was lucky though, found a service manual for Gould OS300 by googleing it and there it was, at least i got my OS 300 working. But those other 2 1421's are still dim, only power light is on but no trace.