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    Finally, my post with the Eagle .sch and .brd, full gerbers, and parts list for Digikey in a zip file. I'm also including many of the pics I took as I was building that were posted both before and after this post. I'm still not completely done and may add more pics later. One thing I have changed is the third transformer for the auxiliary circuitry for the temperature sensor and fans and the displays (I wanted a better transformer than the Radio Shack special I had on hand). Archive attached. 30V.zip
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    You may check this blog for a revised version of the popular 0-30V PSU: http://www.paulvdiyblogs.net/2015/05/tuning-030v-dc-with-03a-psu-diy-kit.html
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    The current rating is not a problem. It's better to go higher than lower. Using a power relay to switch low current signals is only a problem at very low voltages. The problem with using a lower voltage relay is the contacts can arc over and what's worse it it could be unpredictable.The relay may seem fine most of the time but it could suddenly arc over due to ambient ionising radiation.