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    LM3914 pspice library

    Does anyone has LM3914 pspice library? i desperately need it..pleeeeease!
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    Illegal content (ebook/magazines/software) will be deleted without any notice. Thanks
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    Overload Protector A16 ???

    In a few circuit diagrams i have they refer to a what seems to me is a transistor with B C E as a overload protector and with number A16 and i have looked for a few hours on the net and i can't find anything on this little fellow, Anyone knows what I'm looking for and wanna share that info Please .... Come on !! 48 visits !! some one must know what it is !!! PNP is it also...........
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    Overload Protector A16 ???

    At last i got a theori from a totally different place and he wasn't shure either but he had a weak memory that it could be 1A16 and a PNP transistor but after several deep searches on the I-net it didn't make any kind of senses whatsoever ???
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    Car battery to parallel port

    When you use your resistive divider to drop the voltage down to 5 volts, you just need to select values of resistors to limit the current. This is basic ohm's law. V/R. Was this your question or did I misunderstand? I am not sure how you intend to monitor status by using one 5 volt pin. As an interface to the parallel port, you could use an LM3914. This would give you the resolution you need. There are also many other ways to proceed. You need to convert from analog to digital to read anything useful from the parallel port. MP
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    Car battery to parallel port

    Hi TJBraza, http://www.analog.com/UploadedFiles/Data_Sheets/ADT7485A.pdf Although, it will probably require a small program written in C or Visual basic to convert the string MSB & LSB into a more easier read etc... Take a moment and review the data sheet, the IC has a lot of potential.
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    SL100 & SK100 transistor

    I can't find SL100 & SK100 transistor :'( Which transistors can replace these? Thank you for your help~ ;)
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    Calm down people. It is not Mixos's fault, if it is against the law he has to remove the content. This site is very good for asking electronic related questions, I have yet to find a better one.
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    12v lamp Dimmer lamp ideas?

    I have a 12v transformer for interior lights and a few lights for it, but want to make it a dimmer light. the working amps are 250mA. I would like to know how to wire up these three ways, so i can try each one and see if its any good and use the best.... Touch lamp. touch the metal to turn on dimmest. press again for brighter and again for brighter and again for off. Manual pot adjuster. and digital potentimeter. press up to turn up and make brighter and down for darker / off, and a reset button to turn instant off. Any help and sche... will be helpfull. Thanks in advance
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    An Ultrasonic Cleaner--Schematic

    Looking for an Ultrasonic Cleaner schematic. Gokar
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    0-30V 0-3A Latest Data

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    PWM using 555 timer

    I read several datasheets and application notes on 555 timers, but I can't seem to find the information I'm looking for. Specifically, I'd like to use the 555 as a pulse width modulator by using the control voltage (pin 5). The datasheets indicate that in monostable mode, the output pulse width can be varied by modulating the voltage at pin 5 (V5). They also indicate that in astable mode, modulating V5 will modulate pulse position. What I'm wondering is this: What is the relationship between the control voltage, V5, and the values of the timing resistors and caps? There are standard formulas for timing based on these resistors and caps. How are those formulas affected by the introduction of V5? Thanks. Darrin
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    negative ioniser

    Hi all, I am looking for a circuit that operates in 9-12 DC and will generate voltage in 2-3KV range with negiligible current. I came across many designs but interested if anyone knows any circuit that uses common step down transformer with primary and secondary reversed as the first step in conversion.I am planning to use Cockcroft–Walton multiplier to increase the voltage from transformer. Flyback transformers are difficult to find /not familar for me to use.But would defenitely consider if its readily available I came across this circuit and like to know if something similar can be tried with a step down transformer http://www.aaroncake.net/circuits/flampdrv.asp If anyone know any schematic with small flyback transformers I would be glad to try.I am only concerened about availability. The whole purpose is to make a negative ion generator to clean dust from my vinyls. I donot want to use the ones based on Pizo electric but somehing that will generate a massive negative ion flow that will neutralize all sticky dust on my LPs .The prime consideration is making it as small as possible.
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    2n2222 resistor value

    thanks hero999 is there any formula for this issue? my coil is 57ohm
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    TOYOTA Car indicator flasher part number TOYOTA:81980-50030.
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    Silent Jack

    High Voltage low amperage

    No, lead acid batteries are far too heavy. I was looking at maybe NiMH or more likely some LiPo batteries commonly used on RC cars and the like. Looking at 3-6AmpH class batteries. Might lean towards 12V, since there is so much standard stuff for that as far as wiring and other components. Safety is of course important and any good suggestions on grounding/shielding are welcome and appreciated.
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    Overload Protector A16 ???

    It could be used as a switch, amplifier or (as you've said) part of a current limiting circuit. Bipolar transistors have so many applications that it's impossible to tell you what it's doing from what you've said. For example if I asked you "I've seen a flat head screw; what's it holding together?", how could you know the answer? If you post a picture I might be able to tell you but even then the only way is to post a schematic.
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    An excellent electronics manual

    After running across this at the public library in town, I just had to order my own copy: "Practical Electronics for Inventors" by Paul Scherz It covers just about everything from DC to Microcontrollers and is well illustrated.
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    >:( Thats rubbish to delete these I have come to this site only for these great books Please get them back ::)
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    What about links to "illegal contents" like, Can we use rapidshare or other sites to upload such illegal contents and then provide links through e-lab?? (As Elektor magazines thread hasn't been deleted)...... Books posted by Ante were really beneficial and one of the best features of e-lab.....Anyway, legal problems can't be ignored.......
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    FM Micromitter only transmitting 8M

    Hi all, I'm new here. I have just assembled a FM Micromitter (Miniature FM transmitter). http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_102010/article.html Construction went well with very few re soldered points (put a couple of things in the wrong way round, but hey I'm learning). When I went to do the testing and adjustment it says that I should be reading 5v between TP GND and pin 8 of IC1 but I only get a reading of 2.5v. Can anyone tell me why this might be and what the consequences of this might be. It DOES transmitt (I am currently transmitting on 88.9) but I loose the signal after approx 8M from the antenna. Is this related to my drop it voltage measured against what it should be? Should I trim my antenna to a specific length? Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. Regards David ???
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    LM3914 pspice library

    Hi Maliki, National Semi doesn't have a spicy ( ;D) model for their LM3914. I looked on Google for Spice and then Pspice Model For LM3914 and found many people asking for a model too. One guy found a similar model to pspice online at a university. There are many French links. Parlez vous francais? Not me, and I hate Google's horrible translator. ;D
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    For the Mechanical one just go to the Junk Yard and get a Dimmer out of any car you like. for the others you can do a couple of things. Get a standard touch lamp from the store and remove the touch circuit and hook it up to the input of the transformer. or Copy the circuit with Reverse Engineering. Then hook it up to your Transformer plug side. Here are some circuits if you want to tinker. http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Bill_Bowden/page6.htm#dimmer.gif http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Bill_Bowden/page8.htm#touch.gif
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    Electronics Goldmine!!

    MP, Just click on
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    0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    R16 is 1K and is OK ???