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    0-30V 0-3A Latest Data

    Finally, my post with the Eagle .sch and .brd, full gerbers, and parts list for Digikey in a zip file. I'm also including many of the pics I took as I was building that were posted both before and after this post. I'm still not completely done and may add more pics later. One thing I have changed is the third transformer for the auxiliary circuitry for the temperature sensor and fans and the displays (I wanted a better transformer than the Radio Shack special I had on hand). Archive attached. 30V.zip
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    LM3914 pspice library

    Does anyone has LM3914 pspice library? i desperately need it..pleeeeease!
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    Low power solenoid?

    I want to apply force for an extended amount of time (10 secs to a couple minutes) using a solenoid actuator. Unfortunately, it seems that solenoids use a lot of power when they are active. Is there a solenoid type that will only use power when switching between active and not active? There's probably a way I can do this with an external mechanism, but I was wondering if there may be commercial solenoids that have this built-in. Thanks, Jessica
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    Illegal content (ebook/magazines/software) will be deleted without any notice. Thanks
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    Overload Protector A16 ???

    In a few circuit diagrams i have they refer to a what seems to me is a transistor with B C E as a overload protector and with number A16 and i have looked for a few hours on the net and i can't find anything on this little fellow, Anyone knows what I'm looking for and wanna share that info Please .... Come on !! 48 visits !! some one must know what it is !!! PNP is it also...........
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    Overload Protector A16 ???

    At last i got a theori from a totally different place and he wasn't shure either but he had a weak memory that it could be 1A16 and a PNP transistor but after several deep searches on the I-net it didn't make any kind of senses whatsoever ???
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    Car battery to parallel port

    When you use your resistive divider to drop the voltage down to 5 volts, you just need to select values of resistors to limit the current. This is basic ohm's law. V/R. Was this your question or did I misunderstand? I am not sure how you intend to monitor status by using one 5 volt pin. As an interface to the parallel port, you could use an LM3914. This would give you the resolution you need. There are also many other ways to proceed. You need to convert from analog to digital to read anything useful from the parallel port. MP
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    Car battery to parallel port

    Hi TJBraza, http://www.analog.com/UploadedFiles/Data_Sheets/ADT7485A.pdf Although, it will probably require a small program written in C or Visual basic to convert the string MSB & LSB into a more easier read etc... Take a moment and review the data sheet, the IC has a lot of potential.
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    SL100 & SK100 transistor

    I can't find SL100 & SK100 transistor :'( Which transistors can replace these? Thank you for your help~ ;)
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    Calm down people. It is not Mixos's fault, if it is against the law he has to remove the content. This site is very good for asking electronic related questions, I have yet to find a better one.
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    http://www.irantk.ir/Power_IC/ http://www.irantk.ir/fbt/
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    0-30V 0-3A Latest Data

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    0-30V 0-3A Latest Data

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    Electronic Gun !!!!!!!!!

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    2n2222 resistor value

    thanks hero999 is there any formula for this issue? my coil is 57ohm
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    c828 transistor

    It is probably an Oriental 2SC828 transistor. Go to www.datasheetarchive.com to see its spec's and to see substitution guides.
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    diy 2.1 pc speaker

    so let me get this right. Theres a slight power difference in one Tda2003 to another even though there the same. but with a 8pin dual amp would work better cause there together in one IC.
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    diy 2.1 pc speaker

    The TDA2003 does not bridge well because the output offset voltage are not matched for the two amplifiers like a monolithic bridged amplifier IC. But you might be lucky so try it. With a 14.4V supply the bridged output at clipping into 4 ohms is 14 watts. If your speakers are 8 ohms then the power is 8 Watts. If the supply voltage is less than 14.4V then the power is less. You should make an active crossover circuit.
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    Re: high voltage meter problem

    The meter will have an impedance of 10M so to divide by 10, all you need to do is connect a 90M high voltage resistor in series with it. This can be made using nine 10M resistors in series, each resistor needs to be rated to 1/10th of voltage being measured.
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    Electronic Gun !!!!!!!!!

    Hi Shantanu, Electrolytic capacitors have a vent on top to slowly release gasses that build up when the capacitor is connected with backwards polarity then has a high current. With a very high current, the vent cannot release the gasses slowly so the capacitor explodes. A 9V battery cannot provide a very high current. Maybe a battery made with series-connected AA Ni-Cad or Ni-MH cells would provide enough current for a backwards electrolytic capacitor to explode. Bad-smelling "fluff" comes out.
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    FM Micromitter only transmitting 8M

    Hi all, I'm new here. I have just assembled a FM Micromitter (Miniature FM transmitter). http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_102010/article.html Construction went well with very few re soldered points (put a couple of things in the wrong way round, but hey I'm learning). When I went to do the testing and adjustment it says that I should be reading 5v between TP GND and pin 8 of IC1 but I only get a reading of 2.5v. Can anyone tell me why this might be and what the consequences of this might be. It DOES transmitt (I am currently transmitting on 88.9) but I loose the signal after approx 8M from the antenna. Is this related to my drop it voltage measured against what it should be? Should I trim my antenna to a specific length? Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. Regards David ???
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    FM Micromitter only transmitting 8M

    Pin 8 of the IC should be 5.0V which is the output of the 78L05 voltage regulator or the 6V battery voltage. If you use the voltage regulator and D1 in series with it, then the minimum input voltage is 8.2V. Don't use a 9V battery because its voltage quickly falls lower. The micromitter has an attenuator of 3 resistors at its output to reduce its range. Remove the attenuator for much greater range.
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    Here is all I have Playstation2_Repairguide.pdf
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    0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    Hi Gruber, The current-setting pot in this project has a tolerance of 20% and the values of the resistors were chosen so it provides 3A if the pot's resistance is 20% high. If your pot's resistance is 20% low then with it set to max, the project will try to produce 4.2A. Such a high current will overload the transformer and cause its core to saturate. A transformer with a saturated core isn't a transformer anymore, it is a piece of wire across the mains, blowing fuses. You should add a trimpot in series with the current-setting pot. Adjust the trimpot so the project supplies a max of exactly 3A when the current-setting pot is at max.
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    Electronics Goldmine!!

    MP, Just click on