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  1. help program in pic16f877 or pic18f452

    What kind of programmer are you using? I am going to take a guess that the one you are using needs a wall wort for power. And my second guess, it is a 12 volt wall wort (Power Supply) problem with that is some microchips needs at lest 14 volts to program properly. so if you have a cheap programer that dosen't have a voltage pump you need to use a heaver wall wort, 14 volt one, they make em have fun gogo
  2. C programming

    Depends on the compiler. take High Tecks C compiler used on microchips. You can get a free trial version to try it out but it is not totaly optimizes like the program you buy, so the program you write and compile with the free version is biger(more lines of code) then the optimized version. second, the problem with using different C compilers not written for the microcontroller you have is the header files are missing and they just can't be copy and placed in a library because the compiler wouldn't know how to use them. most of the programs written for microchips are interperters that use the basic asm commands and the turn it into a more user friendly type language like C or basic. check out great cow basic once its a free compiler and commutity supported. http://gcbasic.sourceforge.net/ . there all written on top of asm wich is almost machine language have fun gogo
  3. Choosing the right PIC microcontroller :: HELP!

    hello I like to use Pic's myself but you need a programmer to load your code into it. With a ARV you can make a dongol out of a serial cord to load your code into the controller. do a web search and see wich way you want to go. gogo
  4. hello you could try a large run capacitor between the ac polls that should smoth out the feed back your are getting. gogo
  5. BLINKING LEDS help!!!

    the cd 4017 needs a clock to make it work, could use a 555 for that gogo
  6. what is the best electronic book?

    Hello ijap1012 this one will get you thinking Practical_Electronics_for_Inventors
  7. anyone can help me?

    Hello There is the real ANSI C standard language and the mcu type C that are different, The real stuff can be found all over the net. But the microcontroller C stuff depends on witch compiler your going to use. confusing yes, See some Bill Gate type fellows decided to make some money and write compilers for microcontrollers using the real ANSI C that changes asm commands into C looking language and make big bucks ripping off the uneducated crowd, telling them it was the easiest way to learn controller programing. What type did you want to learn? gogo
  8. Simple 3 LED circuit

    Hello guys heres a setup for two led's to flash http://wild-bohemian.com/electronics/flasher.html you know programming a mcu for just three flashing Leds is a costly way to go. don't forget the shipping cost which almost doubles the price of everything. Then have been flashing lights for a long time, way before MCU's came around. if you put the two circuits I posted together you have you problem solved. gogo
  9. Simple 3 LED circuit

    Hello mbaleegria here is as simple as it gets http://www.cappels.org/dproj/simplest_LED_flasher/Simplest_LED_Flasher_Circuit.html gogo
  10. Logic Level Mosfets

    thanks for the reply Hero999 I can see were I was wrong with the 24 volts, but it would still need a logic 5 volts to trigger it right. witch is ok because I need 5volts on the board to drive the rest of the logic chips. I guess I need to read some of the Pminmo help forms to see what they were talking about. Something about that particular mosfet. don't know I guess I will just have to read on. Studing the board as it is was worth the learning experience. But as soon as I figure out how the gates and the flip flops work together I plan on doing the driver a different way. The step motors I am using only need 12 volts at max so I could use a uln2803 for the drivers and I want to have opto isolation too. thanks again Hero
  11. Logic Level Mosfets

    Hello I recently started a project, making a step motor controler board using IRLZ44 Mosfets (hex Mosfets) to control the power source to the motors. The way I understand them is they are either on or off no inbetween so if I set the circuit fo 12 volts when the mosfet is trigered 12 volts is sent. The board I am working on is using 5 volts for logic and 12 volts for the motor. Someware I read in order for the hex-mosfets to work the input voltage has to be twice the output voltage, so that would mean I would have to put 24 volts to the board, the step motors are only rated for 12. So back to were I don't know what I am doing. this is the board I am working on http://pminmo.com/3axis/3axis.htm thanks for any help you can offer. gogo
  12. I Need To Block Phone Calls

    Good luck with that, caller Id or answering machine, if you don't pick up the phone and leave it up for at lest for a minute the caller isn't charged, so when I am around and a auto teller market calls I pick up the phone and sit it on the counter untill the phone starts to beeb. That way the caller is charged for the call. eventualy they will run out of money and stop calling. if everybody did that the auto teller marketers would stop. gogo
  13. 950 watts at 12V using 80 AA batteries

    what are you trying to power up? batteries explode when they get to hot gogo
  14. few bucks for your hobby

    Hello RenMan We would need more information on this, like counting what coming out of a hole, what kind of power source is availibly how much room do we have. just give us some more info and maybe we could go from there. gogo
  15. Electronic suppliers

    Hello here is a good place to shop online at they have different specials all the time http://www.alltronics.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?category=5 gogo