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  1. This is with reference to 200W audio amplifier/ Source: Kemo Kits The transistors KT818/KT819, BD708/BD705 are no easily available in other parts of the world. Could any expert kindly suggest some commonly available transistors in place of the above mentioned? The author's E-mail: for questions - info. seem to be no longer available.
  2. is there any replacement for K818, K819 and BD705, BD708 transistors with commonly available ones ? The mentioned transistors are not available in our place.
  3. chub2

    12v amplifier?

    Hello Guru, Please help this novice from a remote place. Is there any simple High power amp circuit which can be used in a car? is there also a simple way to increase the 12v car battery power to run these high power amps? I have searched everwhere in the internet and it was found that the more powerfull the amplier is, we need higher DC supply input too.
  4. Since I am a novice I would like to take your help in clarifying some doubts regarding the using op-amp TL072 ( http://sounElliott Sound Products Project-48 "ACTIVE SUB-WOOFER AND CONTROLLER" ( ) (1) The total number of capacitors given in the circuit is 4 Nos, that is 2 Nos of Non-polarised electrolytic and 2 Nos of polyster capacitors. Where as in the PHOTO OF COMPLETED PROTOTYPE, I see 9Nos of capacitors are there. Can you please explain why it is so? (2) In place of NON-POLARISED ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS, can we used some other capacitors? Non-Polarised Capacitors are not easily available in the market. (3) Lastly, Can you kindly give me a prototype of the PCB for the project in any graphic format? Being a remote area, there is no facilities to send money to Elliott Sound towards the cost of PCB.