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  1. Hi all. Im making a juke box and my last piece has just turned up.. The Electronic coin selector. The jukebox software accepts counter on a serial port but i have no idea how to set this up to do that. I have the cable on the unit as such in the photo. Could someone please tell me how to setup to serial port. i have a12v power supply already hooked upto black and red . Cheers
  2. Hi. I have a tv and pc in my shed about 30m from the house, i setup originally cat6e network for the computer and then later changed to wireless, i now have a cable running the length from the shed to the house near my home ent setup. i have a tv in the shed i would like to watch footy on foxtel (satellite) but struggle with the remote. is there a way to setup a good quality ir repeater using the existing Ethernet cable so i can use different remotes ie if i wanted to put on a movie while i work playing on on the dvd i can just take the dvd remote or same for foxtel. any schematics would be appreciated as im a novice. I dont want a dodge one thats intermittent or changes the code and does the wrong button presses as i purchased a cheapo china one that was weak and also you press volume up and it would send the tv chan down??? thanks in advance.
  3. I forgot to mention the parts i have. 5mm IR receiver 2x JW1FH-DC12V - 12v- 10A/240v RELAY 2x 12V SPDT - 10A / 240v - RELAY I also have a mini remote that off a different old stereo i would like to use, i dont know how to use it on this unit im going to build though, or i could just make a new remote and pout in a small box. Any help or schematics would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi. Can someone help me put all this together? I want to make a IR 4 chan remote (that can go around 20 to 50m) and a receiver that can turn each chan to a relay output? Im not e expert but know a little, thats why im asking :-* Cheers Stuee
  5. Hi, it is reading 12.6v standard. Is there a way to make a load that i can put on the battery and test using a multimeter. I did see sometheing somethere about a big 500w resistor over the terminals for 5 secs and see if the voltage drops. but dont know exactly what to use or do. Cheers
  6. Hi. I want to be able to test a car battery (think its called load test). Even though it says 13v it still has no power. I have a few batteries i keep swapping between the car and boat. (both have 2) and a couple spare. I purchased another battery today and they used this small box, connected the clips to both terminals and it showed the voltage, then they flicked a switch on the bottom for a few seconds and it tested the battery under load. I want something like this to test my batteries. I also have a DMM if its possible to use that with a shunt or something? (you may need to explain how to) I have a parts store nearby so should be able to get all the parts needed. Thanks Stu
  7. Hi, I do a lot of dj'ing for friends and use my laptop with my pa speakers. Im getting over having to go over and either change track or adjust the volume. I started to use bluetooth remote control on my N97 but A) the distance was only about 10m. b) my battery wouldn't last the night. Is there a way by using a 4 button radio remote that you can purchase from to have track forward. pause, vol up and vol down. Or in the worst case scenario a high powered ir remote to a usb receiver i have and use girder or something, i know it has to be line of sight for this, i would like at-least a 30m distance if not longer. Any suggestions please share. Thanks in advance. Stuee
  8. Hi, not sure i used the correct terminology, correct me if im wrong. I want to remove a 4 way slide switch and replace with a push button switch that has 5 outputs that i can hook to relays. or it they can push out over 200ma. Again schematic / circuits appreciated. thanks
  9. Car regulated power supply.

    You re correct. I only got a wall power plug with it. If you could show how to connect the diodes i would appreciate it. Would this combat the voltage spikes that most cars are susceptible to as well? thanks
  10. Hi, Im making like a ipod docking unit with amp and speakers and a sub. Ive found a suitable amp i think 4x100w Is it possible to use this as 1 chan left, 1 chan right and 2 chans to 1 for the sub (bridged) if so, is there a schematic for me to follow to make it. Cheers in advance
  11. Car regulated power supply.

    Hi ive purchased a 8" tv / lcd screen for the car that says for auto /office etc but the power only came with a 240v mains power pack. Is there a small circuit i can make to put between the ciggy lighter socket and lcd to ensure the correct power? Details are. Powersupply 240v > 12v - 1.5a The instruction book says 11.5v to 13v - 1.2A Cheers
  12. Im installing a thermo fan in my car but want to use the existing temp sensor to my temp gauge for the sensor. I can find out the resistance for it but something i can vary too would be good. If anyone knows a simple circuit / diagram i would appreciate it. thanks
  13. Hi i have a light controller that has 2 of these in it and one went pop. Only problem is i cant find a replacement. If someone can help with some replacements ids i would appreciate it. 3 leg Label PCR 606J Thanks Stuee Thanks
  14. Hi, Im making a little volcano for my childs birthday party with dry ice etc, i want to put in a circle around the top inside about 6 orange leds what i want to flicker like a candle light,. the led details are.. LED 5MM CLR ORG 35000MCD Emitted colour: orange Lens: water clear Wave length (mm): 600 Pd W (mW): 500 If mA: 75 If mA (peak): 100 Vf (V) Typ: 2.2 Vf (V) Max:: 2.6 mcd Typ: 30000 View Angle: 15 Just a simple circuit would be good. cheers.
  15. Hi, I have a boat with dual battery setup. I want to add a solar panel to the boat and hook it to the battery system through a regulator. The local shop has a powertech 10w for $109 this week and thinking its good to buy. The details are Max Power 10W Rated 12v Open circuit 21.5v Short current 680mA Can someone tell me how much power this will put back into a battery in say 1hour of full sun. Or if there is a way i can work out myself? I want to have a radio on in the boat and the fish finder. the radio is 380mA and the fish finder is 140mA .. Cheers.