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  1. I can see the homepage without any issue. I suggest you to clean your PC using anti-malware software and try again. Please report back.
  2. Which article did you find interesting?  :)
  3. Forum upgrade

    Right now we have around 1-2 spam posts per 10 minutes. What do you propose to fight them? I plan to use the default theme because i like it. Now i have to customize it a bit.
  4. Forum upgrade

    Yep, upgrade went ok. Do you like the new forum? Would you think it will be more usable? Mike
  5. This is a bridge rectifier that converts AC voltage to DC. Part number is DB103
  6. Hello, Thanks for posting it. I see on schematic that the COLLECTOR of cathode transistors are not connected anywhere. They should be tied to ground. Also i spotted that PIN18 is connected to CD4017 CLK and PIN17 is connected to RES of CD4017, BUT according to source code comments they should be reversed. Did you spot any other issue building this circuit on protoboard?
  7. Does this cheap PCB service have a quality supports?

    That looks really nice! Quality of board is excellent. Thanks for sharing. PS: photo below is for testing upload function. There was not any error on my end. What do you experience while uploading your photo?
  8. Does this cheap PCB service have a quality supports?

    Would you like to share a photo of a PCB?
  9. Does this cheap PCB service have a quality supports?

    We would be happy if you share your thoughts when you receive your PCBs. You may also post a photo of it to see the PCB quality.
  10. Spammers and/or Advertisers out!

    I take care of them each day! and also report them on spam database.
  11. Account DELETED

    Do you really login 2 weeks ago? Could you point me to this topic? Mike
  12. Account DELETED

    I am sorry for that. There has been a hacker attach last year and some accounts could' t be recovered. You are welcome to register again with your favorite username  :)
  13. Blank screen when I try to reply

    The database is restored from recent backup.... and the above mentioned topic is fixed.. Thanks for notifying me.. Yours Mike
  14. 0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    This topic is fixed.. thanks for notifying me.. Mike
  15. Blank screen when I try to reply

    There was a hacking attempt to our forum... part of the database was deleted... we are looking for backup availability, we are investigating this issue and will report back.