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  1. prateeksikka

    Analog IP synthesis

    Does anybody have any ideas or recent research in the field of synthesis of analog blocks like PLLs/memories? Prateek
  2. prateeksikka


    hi jawad ! already available in market,manual u will get along with that and hence ur report! does that help?
  3. prateeksikka

    MAGNETIC SENSOR...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if i am asked to make it ,i would make a simple relay .other's comments r welcome!
  4. prateeksikka

    adding sound to a clock

    IF it is software controlled ,you can add a single statement to set 1 bit after 1hour (say n clock cycles) n u can calculate given your clock freq.this set bit can be used to drive a relay permanetly ,if high the relay will be on .... thats it
  5. prateeksikka

    Device for blind people question

    u can succeed if u convert the output count to a clock generator i mean a glue logic like an and gate before a clockgen .... and feed the clock to say a relay.... no of clocks = no of vibrations!!!
  6. prateeksikka

    need Megaphone circuit?

    sorry for not solving your problem.but could u please tell me what a megaphone is?
  7. prateeksikka

    Use your windows as speakers

    that was nice .but i dont get where is windows being used as speakers in this case..?
  8. prateeksikka

    i need help in inductors

    for such a case ,it depends on the frequency respose you want . Inductance L is proportional to the number of turns you give to the coil ... Although it is a theoretical thing ,pracically it also depends on the material of the coil...
  9. prateeksikka

    TV Signal Amplifier ?

    hi audioguru! Can you tell me what will hapen if we try to Frequency modulate both sound and picture in a TV unlike AM for video .I was just kind of experimenting with this ... have u ever tried this in past?
  10. prateeksikka

    Inductor in LC filter

    i dont think frequency is the criteria . it is just the question of current carrying capability.
  11. prateeksikka

    IC upside down?

    ill definitely share an experience here . i tried pulling out an IC once from my board by heating the chip till it melts . i discovered it may affect the neighbouring devices as they may get overheated .if u hv not put the neighbouring chips ,perhaps u can melt the plastic using solder iron
  12. prateeksikka

    PCB Transfers

    hi saiello. i myself have not used it but have seen people using it. this is a very compact and easy way of printing the circuits but i personally dont recommend it just because of the fact that i see a possibility of the tracks getting shorted down even if a bit of ink spreads specially if tracks are closely spaced.
  13. prateeksikka

    Electronic Book

    electroni principles by Malvino or the book by Robert R.Boylestead are good for filters
  14. prateeksikka

    High pass filter transfer function

    just an update .dont forget theres no negative resistance its imaginary.......part only
  15. prateeksikka

    joining ieee

    i wish to join IEEE.Does any one know how to do so? What member ship grade i qualify for if i serve in an industry after graduation in electronics(6 months ago)