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  1. Ls mecapion apm-sc06ddn-kx Used in cnc machines - I think so
  2. Hello I am thinking of using an IR2130 chip to drive powerful transistors. The control will be with pulse generator and 74HC175
  3. Ls mecapion apm-sc06ddn-kx 3 phase , 200 V , 3.82 A , 550 W , 200 Hz max , 2000 rpm Hello . I have this electric motor, but I have no control. Can you help me with a scheme to manage it
  4. Hello I have an idea, but I do not know how. I noticed that the charger for my phone if the phone is not turned on to charge - it does not consume anything. But when I turn on the micro usb connector - then begins to consume. Now fit a box that will convert unbalanced audio signal into balanced. But the transformer can not fit in the box of the device and the target mount it in an external box. I do not want a permanent transformer is plugged in.
  5. Hello, everyone I need your help to assemble charger for lead-acid battery charger . I have a ( 6 volt 12ah )battery which was forgotten and for many months and he had died . Added distilled water and got her back to life with the ordinary charger. But inside I see white crystals and need scheme for desulfator charger .. On the Internet there are many schemes but do not know which of all What I would like to have the scheme is to control the charging current and switch 6 or 12 volts. For now that I have is 6volta 12 AH , but may in the future I need for larger or smaller as capacity.
  6. In test this transformer give : Without load - 24 volts. 50 watts under load - voltage drop of 23 volts 85 watts under load - voltage drop of 22 volts The stand of the soldering iron was not very stable - - one time is fixed and sometimes not :) after few hour the end result satisfies me 100%. And later i will add digital thermometer and will fit bottom the key -> information about the current temperature - information coming from the sensor heater I apologize for the quality of the photos - and if someone does not like manufacturing. But I'm satisfied.
  7. hello I found a circuit filled with ICL7107 and 3 1/2 7seg led display After simulation in the program " Proteus 8 professional " - i see the circuit work well . After simulation in Multisim scheme soldering station controller -> It see - out from IC2C - Vref that about 500mV and the output from IC2B - voltage varies - from 213mv to 500 mv . when i build in box - i upload pics . :)
  8. hello First, I apologize that my English is not very good and at times I use google translator :) But most of them understand words I decided to buy a soldering station, but those who themselves control the temperature sensor and heater use - were quite expensive in my city. After reading information on the internet - I saw that they are working on 24 volts. I had an old transformer - which I rewound the throttle from a street lamp - and has output parameters: no load at the output 25.4V After turning on the car lamp series connect 40 watts + 45 watts = voltage is 23.4 volts - the current in the lamp is 3.8A. Once convinced that the transformer does not hum and gives a current that I need - I decided to use it. Maybe the voltage is slightly below the required 24 volts, but it will do the job I liked the controller Hakko 936 - that no digital thermometer for temperature visualization. After I saw pdf - I thought it might add thermometer. Give advice if possible. schemes applied to the controller which costs $ 13 http://www.mmccs.com/mmarc/n0ss/hakko_936_schem-pcb_%26_mod_v1r7.pdf After the thermocouple - signal is amplified by IC2D and IC2A and feed triac driver -> IC1 turning the triac. Something like a comparator - am I right or not ? If I take the amplified signal from the thermocouple by foot "pin4 IC1" if there will be a disruption in the operation of the scheme. I found two schemes thermometer - but if you can give me a better option. 1: http://vrtp.ru/index.php?act=categories&CODE=article&article=2137 2: http://www.299792458.ru/news/2010-02-28-14 translate from RUS to ENG 1: https://translate.google.bg/translate?hl=bg&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fvrtp.ru%2Findex.php%3Fact%3Dcategories%26CODE%3Darticle%26article%3D2137 2:https://translate.google.bg/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=bg&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.299792458.ru%2Fnews%2F2010-02-28-14&edit-text= But if you can offer me icl7107 scheme to 500 degrees Celsius - I would be grateful
  9. hello I decided to assemble a simple scheme color organ - only miss one audio compressor into circuit diagram :) Can you help me with a diagram - signal i will take it from the output of the sound card on my computer. http://radio-stv.ru/?page_id=1942 lamp H1 = up to 100 Hz H3 = from 100 Hz up to 1 kHz H4 = from 1 kHz up to 3 kHz H2 = from 3 Khz to maximum freq.
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