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  1. I am in need of schematics / service manual for a Sanyo VWM-710 vcr. I got hit by a power surge and now its non-functional. Already checked fuse, its fine, so I need something to help me locate the issue, I am not seeing any obvious issues. I know I can fix it, just need some help. Thanks. Joe
  2. I hope this is the correct area, but I am looking for sources of bulk component supplies. The only one's that I know of are Digikey, Mouser and Jameco, 2 of the 3 of them have what I need but WAAAAAY too much, plus I don't need 250 or 400 or esp 800 count orders...... I need Blue 0.4" AlphaNumeric leds SMD or PTH don't matter, white would also work by just using a blue filter. Is there other sources of components. Radio Shack isn't even an option. Another requirement IS however a reliable source of them. I need multiples of 10 singles or 5 doubles, just as long as I have 10 digits. What I really need is 0.4" Alphanumeric Vaccume Flor Disp, but those are waaaaaay LOOOONG gone. For what I am doing blue is pretty much needed, green, which seams to be the only one I can get singles of, isn't the right color, nor would show behind a blue filter anyhow. Any suggestions on suppliers or sources of the leds I need? Joe
  3. Is this app still available? I can't goto the site at all. Joe
  4. Sorry for the delay in the reply, haven't been on in quite a while. To answer your question, I have 3 different microcontrollers, The Basic Stamp 2, Arduino Uno, and the Propeller Microcontrollers. So far planning on using the Propeller, so there's 32 I/O pins, but I am concidering using shift registers to run the LEDs. Digital Compass This link above is the compass I am trying to create. There's 4 larger leds arrays and the 4-10 segment bargraphs. I need the N/S n E/W LEDs to be able to light up for N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE & SW, and the Bargrapgh LEDs Need to sequince up like in the link, but that's programming and so far not really relevent to this at the moment atleast. Joe
  5. I am trying to make this KITT's dash compass andi have the leds and using a microcontroller to power them but need help on how to wire them so i use the least amount of conponents possable. I thought of darlington transistor ic's but on the 4 10 led bargraph onesi think both anode n cathode will need darlington transistors. 4 1 for either common cathode or anode and 10 more for the other lead for make the patterns. I might be able to use 1 darlington transistor ic to make the yellow triangle leds work using just 4 i/o pins, but i think i need 14 for the red bargraps whats the best way to wire the bargraph leds up? Thanks. Joe
  6. Anyone? Joe According to estimates I need t to equal like 19.3 not 6.6
  7. Ok just to make sure i am doing this right on my Instek GOS-620 scope. Volts= No divisions × volts/div x probe setting My case v= 2.0 x 0.1 x 10 so v=2. Now freq is #of div/cycle × time/div i have t=6.6 x 50us=330us n freq=1/t or 1/330= 3.03 kHz buuuut the signal is the scopes 1kHz, 2Vp-p signal and my multifunction counter says1.04 kHz, so what am i doing wrong? I know having the counter i don't have to know how to calculate it but nice to know how. Thanks Joe
  8. I take it this is a service you have? What are your costs? Joe
  9. I am looking for the cheapest pcb manufacturer that i can. I have a project for a friend and OSH Park going to charge almost $900 for all the pcb's i need. Granted theres 3 copies of each board, but i cant do any thing with the other sets. Any help isappreciated. Thanks Joe
  10. Yeah I hear it click off. I get very rair spikes going justr above 170, but only lasts part of a second. Joe
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