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  1. Hey Guys, this is not really a gadget but a quite funny video. Just wanted to show you ;D I wish my house would work like this
  2. USB to RCA converter

    Hey, do you mean something like this?
  3. Hey, just found this youtube-video from EBVchips and was really surprised about the service they offer. This is really a new level of semiconductor distribution.
  4. 3D TV the next step

    the trick is that a flat plane (of the TV) becomes a virtual room.
  5. new member!

    Hello to everyone, i am also a newbie ;) really like this community, I've read a lot and now i want to communicate with you ;D
  6. iPad 2 or 3?

    What do you think, better now get a iPad 3 because its really better or just get an iPad 2 because its not really worse then the ipad 3 but cheaper?!
  7. Internet Radio

    usually i hear "normal" radio. just if i am in the mood on some kind of special music i am into an internet radio
  8. 3D TV the next step

    In my opinion the 3D TV market will grow in future. I've been to the cinema to watch some 3D movies and there are all great. maybe in future it will be possible to see 3D movies without glasses. but now its ok. i really like it.