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  1. sidney.lina

    capacitor conversion chart

    It is simple! 1uF(105)=1000nF 10uF=10X1uF(105)=106 100uF=100X1uF=107 so on... 2.2uF=225 47uF=476 1nF(102)=1000pF 10nF=103 100nF=104 10nF=103 68nF=683
  2. sidney.lina

    Tube Datasheets

    wow! so good!
  3. Hello, I find sony new oled panel with 0.7inch and have 1280X768 resolution,I am very interest and want to design a product with this panel ,but I cannot get the panel detail files. Can you get any detail document? If yes,please mail to me ,thanks very much! My mail is the attached file is the simple document from sony website! ecx331_332a.pdf