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  1. ZomBiE80

    Issues interfacing 16x2 LCD with PIC18F4550

  2. ZomBiE80

    Powerware 9125 service manual?

    Nothing? I've had this UPS collecting dust. But if i could just repair it, or at least figure out whats wrong with it. Power, battery and bypass LED's are on, and a constant audible alarm. No power to outlets. Any hints?
  3. ZomBiE80

    Sony oled panel ECX332A detail document

    My friend at Sony told me that they will not provide any documents to 3rd parties without developer contract. Plus that microdisplay needs proprietary hardware to drive it. And i noticed that you've been asking around on other forums about this device and those answers were the same. Cool display for 3D glasses though. :)
  4. ZomBiE80

    I need information

    E-Bay sells paper original manuals. I had one of those multimeters, it was bad and old, and cannot compare to modern Fluke meters.
  5. ZomBiE80

    Upgrading amps output of a circuit to 12A

    Should be simple to just change fuse F1 to 20A. Other components seems to be able to handle 15A. C10-C12 might have too high capacitance for motor control.
  6. ZomBiE80

    Burnt Resistor ! ! !

    Could you tell make and model if i might have that inverter in my storage?
  7. ZomBiE80

    More and more SPAMMERS

    Brobably both :)
  8. Is there any way to develop this board so admins could ban those idiots for posting nonsense spam or stupid adverts which has nothing to do with electronics? I'd be happy to hunt them like a wolf :D
  9. ZomBiE80

    USB Power

    If your lapto doesn't have dedicated charger port, you cannot get more than 100mA without negotiation for more, for example microcontroller to tell host to give more power. Even with proper negotiation, 500mA is max. from normal USB port. And USB gives only 5V, so you'll need some step-up power supply from 5V -> 12V.
  10. ZomBiE80

    HP w2207h schematics?

    I was wondering if i could build digital audio output in my display because i have hooked my PS3 with HDMI cable to this. My amp only has one digital audio input and it is already in use. I'm not going to take my display apart for this, i'm just curious to check from schematics if it is even possible.
  11. ZomBiE80

    TFT LCD question

    Ofcourse you can, it's all about programming. I love this tiny display :)
  12. http://www.arduino.cc/ has lots of tutorials for arduino. Almost all kinds of sensors from light and ultrasonic to compasses and accelerometers.
  13. Where to get service manual or schematics for Powerware 9125 UPS? (230V)