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  1. asahin11


    Hi source2, check this site : best regrads,
  2. Hi Ante, Modern Antenna Design would be good.
  3. Hi Bjorn, Thank you so much for your helping. Best regrads,
  4. I dont know right forum. But can you help me to find Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design books. thanks in advance,
  5. asahin11

    i need data sheet

    Hi shri_sam, NTE262 : TIP110 : SN74LS86 : i cant find rest of list. Best luck,
  6. asahin11

    project proposal

    Hi freind, You can try this link : best luck,
  7. asahin11

    smd infra red led & transistor

    Hi, You can try this link : Regrads,
  8. asahin11

    Final Year Project For Electronic Egn

    Hi, You can use these links for sample projects : best luck,
  9. asahin11

    need help finding:

    Hi, Are you sure you write correct name of ICs?
  10. hi, some electronic sites
  11. asahin11


    I shoul be clear. I write a program in PIC or Atmel. This program gets a user interface so user can use program by instructions on monitor, LCD etc. regrads,
  12. asahin11

    Equivalent for the BEL187 transistor

    I found NTE383 PNP transistor equivalent for the BEL187. I hope you can built circuit with it.
  13. asahin11

    Built a menu

    I want to built an on-screen display for user. How can i built and program? thanks in advance,
  14. asahin11

    STi5518 Datasheet

    You can find it in this site
  15. asahin11


    I want to write an on screen display menu. have you got any idea? best wishes,