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  1. I am software programmer but don't know much about physical circuits. I & Kids are willing to learn if directed. But having little background having hard time designing a circuit We will build and test it based on your suggestions. Please suggest diagram and what components to use. Requirements: 1. MVP a. A switch (physical) to turn-on circuit b. Connected to 6v battery and an Led c. A delay timer that delays lighting of led by 5 seconds d. Once turned on led will stay on for 1 minute and turn off (led should not be turned on using a capacitor charge but by drawing from battery) e. A photo cell that will break circuit when exposed to light (led will be positioned not to impact the photo cell) f. Once the led is off, user has to re-initiate the cycle by turning off the switch and on again. 2. Enhancements a. Once switch turned on, after the initial delay b. Led should stay on for 1 minutes and off for 5 minutes and repeat cycle for 5 times only I really want to build the above system, please help me with circuit or direct me to resources (simulation sw or components required etc.) Thank you for your help In the enhancements, 2.b can be in a loop forever also (please suggest approach for both).