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  1. PCB Manufacturer uses: Front-end tool data preparation, Preparing the photo tools, Print inner layers, Etch inner layers, Register punch and Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), Lay-up and bond, Drilling the PCB, Electroless copper deposition, Image the outer layers, Plating, Apply solder mask, Silk-screen and cure.
  2. Learning about electronics concept needs more concentration and penetration to understand the PCB, BGA, Soldering, Reballing etc....If you choose the electronics, your future will be brighter. Thanks
  3. Thanks for sharing Electronic Component Organizer App. I think it could be very helpful to me and also for others.
  4. Best electronic products can get by the following process: Select the core electronic components Design the circuit schematic create the bill of materials design the printed circuit board order the PCB prototypes Program the microcontroller or microprocessor Evaluate, debug, and repeat certifications
  5. To identify and locate information for electronics components you can recycle from discarded gadgets. Some of the electronics components are: 1 Diodes2 Piezo Buzzer3 Transistor4 Transformer5 Relay6 Inductors7 Integrated Circuits (IC’s)8 Capacitors9 Crystal10 Resistors
  6. In PCBWay, the boards are good quality and pricing is great while OSH Park is an aggregator. They collect your board files and panelize them with others to get a good price. And in case of Smart-Prototyping, especially their PCBA services. Their service is very affordable.
  7. It is used in conjunctions with solder in order to remove oxidation from the base and filler metals involved in soldering. All solder fumes can cause occupational asthma and other health problems.