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  1. 0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    Hi. How much is it cost? I haven't time to do it again from begining (PCB). I think that my problem with banggod kit is easy to fix. With a 30 V or 15 V on out I making a short circuit , LED is blinking and current is 4,7 A. Too bad .. . They do not help with ebay kits. Regards
  2. 0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    Ok, skip the voltage and current LCD panel With R18 = 33 kOhm I have got 4,7 A on out... U3 was replaced for another .
  3. 0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    Hi. I add the trimpot 100 k and resistor 33 K instead 56k. Sensor resisor is the same 0.47 Om. All rest is the same like basic version. It is look like there is not current protection, - minimal adjustment is at the minimum pitch of the potentiometer and after 1/4 range current is not limited ( once Q2 was replaced - was a short circuit) It's probably PCB mistake . I have red one too from ebay (kit). I build the same power supply a few years ago with PCB by myself and it is working for today! Great construction! Now I want smaller version, but from ebay or banggood (red version kit) doesn't work properly. On the movie is mistake with current point. Value of the current is 2.7 A not 0.27 A - one more mistake from banggood - bigger range of panel Regards.
  4. 0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    Hi all. I have got the same issue. The adjustment of current limiting from zero to max is on 1/4 of the range potentiometer. It is looks for logarithmic regulation not linear. Any clues ? All checked two times. Regards