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  1. Marko5275

    Transformer Watts

    Excellent, thanks a lot. Now if I could just get someone to fix some of the 240v outlets in my apartment. Wiring doesn't seem to be their strongest skill. Do you know any good electricians in India?
  2. Marko5275

    Transformer Watts

    Great, thank you. So how many watts do I need from a step up/down transformer to charge this while I'm living India with 240v power?
  3. Marko5275

    Transformer Watts

    Hello! I am trying find out how many watts a Black and Decker LSW321 blower and its 20v lithium battery and charger are rated at. I can't find it online. And I don't have access to the blower yet. It is a 110v item that I want to charge with 240v power. So I want to know how strong a transformer I'll need. Thanks.