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  1. OSH park ,is older make.. i think OSH park pcb quality is good. I have never order from pcbway, but i want to have a try, by the way , i know a cheapest company jlcpcb ,it has a really good price, 2layer just cost $2, the quality is also fine.
  2. Regarding Cheapest PCB PRICE Inquiry

    Recently, i found a company called jlcpcb. It’s very cheap, 10pcs boards. 1.2mm thick, 1-OZ copper, 6/6-mil outer (0.1525mm) just cost $2. Cheap price and lots of options regarding board thickness, colour, etc. None of my boards have ever had a manufacturing issue. I think there are no difference with i bought from others. Shipping time (dhl)lasts 3 days.