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  1. PalGreen

    New Proteus Libraries for Engineering Students

    You have an extremely helpful channel for students on YouTube.
  2. PalGreen

    New Proteus Libraries for Engineering Students

    Personally, for me an integral part in technical development is economic calculations, that's for them I use this resource = bl & ots = KMJ36kWrHU & sig = hdm8d45WiiNuFEZtfvMg0-9PFZE & hl = en & sa = X & ved = 0ahUKEwippsj1jJHXAhUHEpoKHWKfDDsQ6AEIJjAA # v = onepage & q = technical% 20developments% 20are% 20economic% 20calculations & f = false Also sometimes I use If my advice is helpful, then I will be glad to listen to any criticism, suggestions. If you have any more materials, ideas, then you can share with me. Thank you!
  3. PalGreen

    Sports Training Timer

    // Create a timer that will fire every second var timer = new System.Timers.Timer (1000); // Assign a handler that will fire on timeout timer.Elapsed + = OnTimeout; // The timer will always work timer.AutoReset = true; timer.Enabled = true;