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    0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply

    I created the previous build for this project from this link : http://www.electronics-lab.com/project/0-30-vdc-stabilized-power-supply-with-current-control-0-002-3-a/ I couldn't get the required TL081 so I replaced it with TL071. Now the circuit works well and good. But I have some doubts : 1. The power transistor 2n3055 is connected to a massive heatsink, but the wires drawn from it are single lead wires. Im not sure of how much current it can carry. I did test the PSU using a 100 ohm 5a rheostat and found the transistor heating up. But even at 3a in the output, the wires drawn from the transisitor didn't burn off. I didn't test it for long duration. so my question is what wires should I replace in the connection. is the single lead wire capable enough to carry 3a? should I get multi threaded wire? If so, of what guage? 2. the PSU when loaded using rheostat couldn't reach the peak voltage of 30v. as soon as the rheostat was connected , the output voltage dropped to he range of 20-22v. Is there any way I can hold the output voltage in the value I deserve? or did the output voltage drop so as to limit the current using the current limiter circuit(which was not turned on when loaded, current knob kept at zero position. 3. how can I test the current varying capability ? at constant voltage obviously... help out a brother... cheers