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  1. To replace 8 AA's with Li-ion's you will need to make it three, not two. I suppose it depends on how sensitive the equipment it, but I myself use 3X 14500 batteries in my radio control remotes instead of 8X NIMH or alkaline AA's. I use dummy batteries to fill in the spaces. Capacity will be down, but in my case I don't mind as the batteries in the remote will outlast any of the batteries in the actual vehicle you are controlling with the remote.
  2. Using bar code technology in stores can help to solve all these problems. It lets you keep a centralized record on a computer system that tracks products, prices, and stock levels. You can change prices as often as you like, without having to put new price tags on all your bottles and boxes. When purchasing a bar code scanner you want to ensure that it has the right wireless connections. This usually depends on how you to collect and input data into your inventory system.
  3. For me , I choose Internet radio because it has lots of choice and great sound quality, and you can listen to your favorite stations for free with internet radio apps. You can listen in real time to thousands of radio shows from all over the world. There’s no need to struggle with manually tuning to a station or have your program interrupted of low quality reception or signal problems.
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