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  1. ante

    High voltage SCR hookup

    From what I have seen they use pulse transformers to trig from a lower voltage to achieve simultaneous response.
  2. ante

    LCD Inverter

    If the inverter is dead, check the SMD fuse on the inverter board.
  3. ante

    Help with a RCA projection TV

    Did you find any fluid leaks during the cleaning of the tubes? Are you sure you got it back together the correct way after cleaning?
  4. Omni, you look kind of young and unfocused (on your avatar) to be a tube mechanic! ;D
  5. ante


    If someone else does your homework you will never learn the stuff yourself! Does this make any sense to you?
  6. ante

    catcam project!

    Bad link!
  7. ante

    Your next lawn mover!

    Hi Omni, Here
  8. Who is you closest supplier?
  9. Thanks Walid! I miss May and June of 2007, you don
  10. Hi Jeff, One of these should do it:$ROOT&p_artikelbilder_mode=&p_sortopt=&page=&p_catalog_max_results=10
  11. ante

    Automatic Light System

    Wrong attitude = no help! ;)
  12. ante

    Need your help please

    Sorry, that looks like a custom made IC!
  13. ante

    Batteries in portable equipment

    I would go for a Li-Po since they are light weight and small for a handheld device like this. Perhaps it is a good idea to use a replacement battery for a cell phone, they are nice and compact. The one I have got in my cell is 6 x 39 x 65 mm 3.6Volts and 1200mAh 26g as an example. ;)
  14. ante

    Batteries in portable equipment

    Not enough info, what is it? What voltage? What is the expected use and run time? How much current does it require, is it constant or erratic? Used inside or outside, in winter?