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  1. Considering safety first, I would strongly ask you to stay out of transformeerless power supply, if you are a beginner in electronics. Also I assume that your intention is to build a 10V 1000mA DC power supply and not a 1000A one as it sounds bizarre. The most simple transformer less power supply you can build is using a X-rated capacitor. You can find these type of circuits in mobile charger and AC LED bulbs. They are not very efficient but they do their job and is very cheap and easy to build. Since the circuit deals with AC power directly there are not many practical demonstrations online, but I was able to find this then https://circuitdigest.com/electronic-circuits/transformerless-power-supply As I said it uses a X-rated capacitor and converts 220V AC to 6V DC. The output current rating and voltage rating of the circuit depends on the value of the X-rated capacitor you choose. For your purpose if you need 10V you can use a 334k vale capacitor. I am not able to find a X-rated capacitor for 1A value so I am not sure of it is available. May be someone else might help you with that.
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