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  1. Newly discovered electronic components website: admin comment: sorry no parts distributors here There are many good products
  2. How to solve the ADS1230 temperature? Is it related to offset calibration?The 16 bits are taken as the two bits change with temperature. Is it related to offset calibration? Calibrated before AD starts? Or calibrated after AD startup? I used the original scale hardware to include the 1230 and the sensor and power 3.3V circuit. The original connected MCU is disconnected, and only three control lines and ground lines are connected. When the temperature rises, the number of readings increases. It is basically unchanged in a short time (about 1-2 hours) at normal temperature. Is this situation a warm performance? How to solve? The original scale has been very stable.
  3. Share several electronic component platforms: 1. http://www.hotenda.com 2. http://www.winsupport-ic.com 3. https://www.omo-ic.com 4. http://www.endezohk.com 5. https://www.barumelec.com
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