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  1. I need to build a dc-dc converter with 12 or 24 V input and 5,12 and 24 V at output with 500W I found some circuits like a PC power supply, but all this circuits have 110-220V input. Is posible to build something similar with low voltage input? or I have to step up the voltage to 110-220 and step down later? Thank
  2. Serial Comms PIC to PIC

    Taujin The RS232 example
  3. Serial Comms PIC to PIC

    I used the PICNET for communication between pics http://www.alecmcnamara.freeserve.co.uk/picnet/index.htm Its works very well, but I have a question, I'd like to connect PICs at 100 m, what modifications may I make? I thinking in a opto interface, may be? where the bus drive 12V and not 5V? Thank you
  4. PIC16C65B compatibility

    The LCD is 2 lines X 16 characters and I think that it's a HITACHI, I'm not sure.
  5. PIC16C65B compatibility

    Ilias A bad news >:( A program run, BUT not correctly In the LCD connected to the PIC the numbers are displayed ok but the others characters are not.
  6. Voltage stabilizer

    I don't want a UPS circuit. I need a circuit that: - when the mains AC is lower that 220V, push up the output to 220V - when the AC is upper that 220V, push down to 220V - without batterys do you understand? Here, the circuit is called "voltage stabilizer"
  7. Voltage stabilizer

    I need a voltage stabilizer and think in a SMPS based one, to reduce the costs. IN: 85-250 V OUT: 220 V 500 W or more Anybody have an idea? thankyou
  8. PIC16C65B compatibility

    Illias ;) Thank you very much for all!!! I had dissasembled the code, I include the ADCON configuration AND the program RUN in the 16f877 !!!! [glow=red,2,300]Thank you[/glow], you are the only one that help me. :) (how is my english?; I speak spanish) :P
  9. PIC16C65B compatibility

    Ilias The vector reset, pins, and registers are the same in both PICs. How is this the ADCON register?? I haven't the source code, only the .HEX file. Thank you
  10. dc-dc converter 24->12

    Can you help me Ante? Where is the components that you used? It's the same if I use electrolytic caps at Cin and Cout, and not low ESR caps? Thank you
  11. PIC16C65B compatibility

    The pinout and set of instructions are the same... the PDF documents say that the difference is the LVP (Low voltage prog.) in the 16f877, but this is configuring when is programmed.
  12. dc-dc converter 24->12

    Hello everybody I'm now trying with then L4960 IC from ST Microelectronics, this IC works very well, don't heat, BUT >:( the soft start that it have is a problem with electronics devices that requires variable current, the device go reset. Also, if I connect the out caps, the output voltage break down, when I used a 0.1 uF polyester cap and works well. http://www.alltronics.com/download/L4960.pdf
  13. PIC16C65B compatibility

    I need to program a code in a PIC16C65b, but first I'd like to test it in a PIC16F877A. The 16f877 datasheet say that is possible, but I tried and the program not run. Anybody have an idea?
  14. dc-dc converter 24->12

    Can I make a similar circuit but with a MOSFET??
  15. dc-dc converter 24->12

    Ante The configuration that you show (fig 8a) is for a STEP UP converter, not for step down. Hotwaterwizard The LM723 is a liner converter and heat it up very much. I need a switch regulator.