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Found 2 results

  1. I made a simple LED matrix with shift registers in both row and col(anode and cathode). Now I want to build a 8x8 RGB PWM matrix so that I can control the color of each LED in the matrix. One thing I'm struggling with is which IC to use on the cathode end. Previously, I simply added another 74HC595(here is the datesheet of 74HC595) and simply set row(cathode) that I wanted to light up and set RCLK. I was hoping to use the same approach, but I'm not so sure with the PWM. I also considered using another TLC5947 but I don't think it works as source current? EDIT: the micro controller I'm using is atmega32u4 at 16Mhz
  2. Hey guys your're my last resort on this! I seriously have no idea why this isn't working the way it should. I'll do my best to try and explain what I have. Basically I have 2 74HC595's and I want to daisy chain them together. Right now I have both registers connected to my Atmega324 in the EXACT same way: data in pin branches to both, clock and latch pins branch to both. When they are connected like this everything works fine. Both my register outputs are exactly the same. Here is the datesheet of 74HC595. Now I know in order to daisy chain the two together I simply connect my serial output pin (9) of the first shift register to the data in pin (14) of the second register. BUT when I do that my outputs on BOTH of my shift registers just shut off. I get nothing at all. I have each output pin of the shift registers connected to an LED. All I want to do is send a "pulse" down the line of 16 LEDs to test my theory. If anyone has any ideas or even a sample code I can plug in to test I would REALLY appreciate it. I'm baffled!