T7900 and T7778A datasheets?

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I'm looking for the datsheets of these LCD drivers: T7900 and T7778 , both from TOSHIBA.

The T7778A has 100 pins and the T7900 has 92 pins.

They are on a 640x400 monochrom graphic LCD:

HLR1010-10-1101 ASSY HLD1010-03-0010

which comes from an old Macintosh and I'm trying to find how to use it.


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Thanks hotwaterwizard,
I had not found the last pdf you found. It's one more clue!

It seems that the Toshiba LCD controller T6963 can control those ICs. I'll have to emulate this controller's signals to see if it can control my LCD in any way.

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Found More Info.

Radioshack 1400 Laptop Parts list


To order parts call 1-800-843-7422 or visit your local RadioShack store.

Reference # Cat.No. Description NP Part #

TLX-XD1-8 10878577 IC,T7778A LCD CONT MX1625
10878577 100P FLAT PAK MX1625
TLX-YD1-3 10878585 IC,T7900 LCD CONT MX1626
10878585 92P FLAT PAK MX1626


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