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Hello Everybody,Ther is something neo for you guy and gals, Today i have got to use Radio,Offcource its called as Internet Radio, where we can manage all our own stations and music files with the touch of a button.
These Facility is brought to you by none other than SONAWAVE and hence it is Introduced  by Merconnet.

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I usually listen to FM radio on my cable TV digital adapter connected to my new 2.1 powered speaker system. It is also used with my TV in my computer room.

I should make a switch so my TV sound system can be used with my computer (my computer powered speakers sound pretty good but not nearly as good as my TV sound system ($25.00 new).

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For me , I choose Internet radio because it has lots of choice and great sound quality, and you can listen to your favorite stations for free with internet radio apps. You can listen in real time to thousands of radio shows from all over the world. There’s no need to struggle with manually tuning to a station or have your program interrupted of low quality reception or signal problems.

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