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EICO Model 1050 charger - parts & diagram's

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SORRY IF POSTING  wrong place,
I'm trying to locate a wiring  diagram / parts list for  EICO battery eliminator & charger  #1050.

My very old  battery eliminator & charger  isn't working, rarely used  -but- always  1 or 2  smacks  got it  going.
everything on  inside appears connected  but  output <secondary> is    now  12v  A/C  .
It doesn't owe me  anything  , just had it for 30+ yrs from flea market, LUV 2  recycle it bak 2 life  then toss it.

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Don't worry if you think you've posted in the wrong place, leave it for a moderator to sort out. Don't create a new duplicate thread.

It sounds like the rectifier has packed up and possibly the filter capacitors on the secondary. It shouldn't be hard to repair.

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to all that  replied,
problem solved when :

1]  bypassed bad  D-C ammeter  < guess dropped 2 many X's>
2]  i also resolder'd a few loose connections.

and to think someone thought it was garbage LOL.
<it is  - - -  but it still works>

thanx  again 4 all that reply'D.


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