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Pico Projectors

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I have seen these pico projectors all over the place, I remember a few years back they were supposed to be pretty legit, does anyone own/use a pico for anything?

I am thinking about making a purchase but I am not sure I can justify spending the big bucks for something that I'm not really sure will be worth it.

Obviously I can do research online and in store but I wanted to get feed back from people who have actually used a pico in their home or at work.

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Yes I have seen them all over. some company's use them for presentations, they work nice, hook it up to a laptop and anything that would go to the monitor shows up on the screen through the projector.
    Only drawback is the lamps they use. they burn out fast and there not cheap, before I would buy one I would check out the price of the replacement lamps first.
  have fun

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