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I have some questions I was hoping someone would help me work through. I am building an outdoor fountain that I want powered by a solar cell. Can I run the solar cell wires directly into the BLDC motor and have it operate only when sun is shining? The brighter the sun the faster the motor turns. Or do I need more circuitry to make it work?

If I do hook up a small 3.7 v  2000 mAh Li Ion battery, I need a charge controller? And what?
Voltage VDC - 6.0 Nominal
Current Draw: 0.27 Amps
Power Usage: 7.0 Watts
Solar cell
Output Voltage: 0.5 volts (Vmax)
Output Current: 3.5 Amps (Imax)
Average Power: 1.75 Watts

Is there any way to turn the motor on for 1 minute every hour on the hour? Miniature controller or driver of some sort? System as compact and concealable as possible. Any help out there For this one?

Oh one more thing, is there a micro charge controller out there that would protect the battery when it was full by dumping the load into some LED’s or something of that nature?

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You can also make it store the power and make it an alternate current so the motor does not change its efficiency with the rays of sun..that may exhaust it real soon.

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None of your voltages match. The solar panel produces only 0.5V. The battery produces only 3.7V and is charged from about 5V or 6V. The pump needs 6V.

A battery charger does not dump power when the battery is fully charged. It simply turns off the charging.

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