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RF - separate transmitter and transceiver antennas for half duplex

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i was wondering why is it, for just half duplex systems, don't we have a dedicated transceiver and a dedicated transmitter antenna.

ok, just hear me out...

assuming we are using grounded monopoles, we can have a resonator connected to a diode whose anode is connected to the transmitting antenna, and have a receiving second antenna connected to the cathode of another diode then going to the resonator.

the transmitting and receiving antennas would also be made of different materials that are nonreciprocal. ferrites that are biased to transmitting and receiving (higher gains).

since they're half duplex, we don't even have to have 2 different resonator circuits. so basically, if this is feasible, we don't have to change anything in the current systems, just plug in these dedicated antennas...

am i wrong here??

also, why do we not have a "Radio" section?? i think it warrants one.

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