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Can anyone help me finding Replacement of Power Transistors;

2SD613 - NPN , 2SD633 - PNP both complimentary pairs 

2SD600  & 2SB631 both complimentary pairs

The above are used in power amplifier sections of Sonodyne Model SCR2061. The exact transistors not readily available in India.

Thanks in advance, 





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2SD613 NPN has replacement BD243C, BD543C, BD801, 2SD866 BD243C KT819G

2SD633 is a NPN Darlington transistor and has replacement BD649, BD901, BDW73C, BDX53C BD649

2SD600 has replacement BD139, BD230, BD379, 2SD1684 BD139

2SB631 has replacement BD140, BD231, BD380, 2SA1184 BD140



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