LM2596 overheated NEED SOME HELP

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hey all:

i drew the diagram and connected the circuit according to the datasheet of LM2596, and i checked a few times, i forget to buy a IN5822 diode, so it's not in the board. could this IN5822 trigger this overheating problem?    PS:  the power supply was not hot at all when i use the 5v (in the right of the diagram in the pictures i uploaded), so what could be the problem? i am detecting and i put this here the same time to see if anybody could help me a bit. 

thanks in advance. 

LM2596- 12V.jpg

Changed to 5V.jpg

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The diode is needed for the circuit to work, otherwise you may damage the IC or your load. Without this diode the switching of LM2596 can't occur. You may use IN5822 schottky diode or another 3A schottky diode.

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