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Help for Desulfator charger lead acid battery!

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Hello, everyone
I need your help to assemble charger for lead-acid battery charger .
I have a ( 6 volt 12ah )battery which was forgotten and for many months and he had died . Added  distilled water and got her back to life with the ordinary  charger. But inside  I see white crystals and need scheme for desulfator charger  ..
On the Internet there are many schemes but do not know which of all


What I would like to have the scheme is to control the charging current and switch 6 or 12 volts.
For now that I have is 6volta 12 AH , but may in the future I need for larger or smaller as capacity.




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Hi Johnpham,

I would propose you this circuit published on Silicon Magazine (July 2009). This lead acid desulfator circuit supports 6V,12V and 24V lead acid batteries using a selection switch and it's based on popular 555 timer IC. Most of the pars are easily available and you will need to wind some air coils.


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