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How to adapt Li-ion batteries to replace AA batteries

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Li-ion batteries are so much better than AA batteries, with few of them we can get the energy of several AA
my question is, would all the mAh damage the circuitry of ordinary toys and stuff?
How can I use 2 3,7 v 1000mAh batteries to replace 8 AA batteries?
what circuitry is needed for diminishing the amperage and rise the voltage?




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mAh is how long a battery will supply the current, not its maximum current.

Besides, a load only draws as much current that it uses and not more unless it is shorted. Your car battery can provide hundreds of Amps to the starter when it is cold but the clock uses only a few thousandths of an Amp from the same battery and the clock does not blow up.


A lithium battery cell is about 3V when it must be disconnected (or it is destroyed), to 4.2V when it is fully charged and no higher. Then two cells in series produce 6V to 8.4V.

AA cells are 1.6V for new alkaline to 1.45V for fully charged Ni-MH. 8 in series produce 11.6V to 12.8V when new or fully charged.

A special charger is needed for a Lithium battery. A low battery voltage must be detected and it turns off the battery. Use three Lithium cells in series for 9V to 12.6V or use a "boost converter" to boost the voltage of two cells. 

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