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Popped SMD resistor, need advice for repair

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Ill limit you with the boring details, but I have an electronic device that I can attach to my bike tire and it produces power and in return it can apply resistance to my wheel to simulate a steep hill or I must produce a certain number of watts. Its a great tool for training....
I heard a pop and then took apart the unit to find a burned spot on the PCB. I later found the fried SMD melted to the inside of the plastic housing. Looking at everything, I found a part number for the replacement resistor and I plan on ordering that first. Ive never had to solder or mess with SMD parts before so I need advice on what to do, and what not to do. Im sure this was caused by an over-voltage, but Im extremely green, so if anyone can tell me what I should be checking out in addition to the resistor it would be greatly appreciated. Finally, what should I do about the hug burn on the PCB?
Replacing the PCB is more than I have to spend, so I have to repair it.

I burned a resistor off the pcb, I want to repair it, what else should be checked, how do I clean the huge burn?

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