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BGA rework Process?

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Hello, everyone!

I am from Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Can anyone tell me about BGA rework Process and the material required for that? Also, please suggest me best training institute nearby Illinois where I can learn BGA rework practically.

I welcome all your answers.

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Hello, ChrisEdwards!!!

I am listing the important material below that is required for BGA Rework Process:

  • Solder paste flux
  • BGA and LGA Rework System including computer-controlled heating source on the part area, PCB preheater capable of heating underneath entire board area, calibrated vision system, automatic vacuum pick up system and data logging functionality
  • XRAY System
  • An endoscope or other optical inspection systems
  • Squeegee
  • Stencil
  • Kapton Tape
  • Handheld soldering system
  • Reflow Oven
  • Solder wick or solder extraction tool
  • Stereo microscope

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