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Charging 6 volt battery with a 12 volt charger and small lightbulb

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Connect a 12 volt taillight, turn signal or any small 12 volt lightbulb to your 6 volt battery. Now connect a 12 volt charger to the 6 volt battery. Voltage at battery will be 6.7 to 7.02 volts. Unscrew the three caps on the 6 volt battery and observe the bubbles of hydrogen gas leaving the electrolyte from each cell. The cell on the + side will stop bubbling first as the 6 volt battery reaches full charge, then the middle cell will stop bubbling, then the cell on the -- side will just barely be bubbling when fully charged. The small light creates a drain and the charger continues to charge that cell.

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A 12 volt battery connected to a 12 volt charger will cut out at 14.6 volts. Then the 12 volt battery will settle to 12.7 volts after 30 minutes.
A 6 volt battery connected to a 12 volt charger with the small 12volt light WILL NOT cut out because you want a fully charged 6 volt battery to settle to 6.4 volts.
You must observe and manually disconnect the charger.

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Do not connect the small lightbulb in series because the 12volt charger will sense too much resistance and then indicate a fault after two minutes.

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