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Help with capacitance for a particular load

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I am new to both this site and electronics, and everything I know about components and how they work (which is near non-existent) I have learned in my spare time. I am planning on buying a modified sine wave inverter to have for emergencies and to power miscellaneous items in my car. I don't plan to use it on anything with electronics, because I know that they don't always play nice together. Knowing that capacitors help smooth voltage (at least I'm fairly certain anyways) how would I calculate the correct capacitance for a known load? This would be partially for increasing efficiency and also incase I am at a job site and need to recharge my power tool batteries. Also, if anybody could explain to me as to why I always hear that modified sine wave fries battery chargers, it would be greatly appreciated...actually any information even remotely related that is explained in laymens terms would be very helpful.

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Thank you to anyone and everyone in advance that can help

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