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pcbway after-sale service review

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Two weeks ago I found PCBWay ruler design in their open source community, the matte black solder mask seems very good. So I placed order and ship together with my other PCB. But when I received it last week there was something wrong,check the picture 1. the small holes not immersion gold.

This was the first time I met production problem with PCBWay, I don’t know how they generally deals with after-sale issues. I sent mail to sale directly and they told to me they have online after-sale system,I uploaded picture and submitted the reason,after 2 hours later they replied to me and said will reproduce in 24 hours,also freight is free.

Today I received new ruler by DHL,check the picture 2. The holes are immersion gold. I heard so many stories that Chinese manufacturer don't care after-sale much, this time PCBWay left a deep impression on me. They are a really responsible company. 

pcbway ruler-2.jpg

pcbway ruler.jpg

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