So, how much do you know about Gerber data?

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Gerber data is the industry standard format for providing data to PCBA manufacturers, fab houses, etc. when dealing with printed circuit boards.I got my first instruction doc. from ALLPCB last year.

After further review,I would like to share some useful doc. to you .
Expand the "Gerber Format - EN" section for the Gerber File Format Specification PDF
They also have a free online gerber viewer if you don't mind uploading your data.

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A Gerber file is a file that contains information that guides the production of a PCB. As you might have observed, a Gerber file format is simply a de facto standard that defines 2D binary images using open ASCII vector format.

Modern Gerber files may also include metadata (data about other constituting data within a file) like solder mask, legend/silk, number of copper layers among other relevant printing information.

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