home project - stumped not an electircal guy

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I'm trying to add some 3mm LEDs to a project and I can't seem to get it working. Is it ok to post questions in one of the sub forums so someone could point out what I'm doing wrong?





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It's a 3 channel dew controller.  http://dslrmodifications.com/DewController/DewController.html

The only thing I wanted to do was wire in red LEDs  onto each of the circuits so that we knew there was power going to each of the channels. I have some that already have the resistor wired into it. The LEDs work fine on 12V power when I tested them. I also have some 3mm ones

On each of the three circuits I added an LED and it didn't light up when I plugged in a dew control strip and turned it up. The controller actually works, because I could feel the strip get warmer, but the LEDs wouldn't glow. 

I wired the LED with the anode (+) to the center post and the cathode (-) to the side binding post of the RCA jack.


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