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The circuit is the same as the old Greek kit here except a few part numbers are changed and the maximum output current is only 2A.

It also has the problem of an overloaded transformer since with a 2ADC output the 25VAC input is 2.83A, not 2A.

I ,saw some 741A opamps rated at 44V which might work but I do not think the maximum output voltage will be 30V, probably only 26VDC at 2A with lots of ripple. 

I wonder which circuit came first? 

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The higher voltage op amps i've see are pretty expensive.

Wonder if you could incorporate a circuit in it to bring the vcc down to 12v. and still have it work.


If the circuit works right I was wondering if you could  add some pass transistors and some

10 watt or so emitter resistors to the output.


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